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Tank controller test
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Registered User
2022-11-14 23:59:38

Jungle Tank Rescue A remake of the Vectrex Stramash zone tank game.
Coppercube Remix includes Jungle, Predators and a face-hugger.

Added the ccb project file for people to examine/extract/modify etc.

Now has relistic tank turret aiming (body/turret/barrel all move independently while aiming).
Also has a working RADAR, press "spacebar".
Hopefully, Parabolic shooting will be added next (I'm struggling with it).

Sounds and music from "Predator" the movie.


Jungle Tank Rescue
On a search & rescue mission to locate some missing Marines,
You discover an old tank, abandoned deep in the jungle.
Inside the tank are signs of a struggle, but where are the crew?
Hearing noises from outside, you quietly close the hatch and listen.
....there's something moving out there!

Controls: Mouse(Aim/Steer), W(Drive), S(Reverse), E(Shoot), Spacebar(RADAR)

Through the trees, frightening shadows race quickly towards you.
Frantically cranking the tank's engine, it whirs and sputters into action.
Roaring through the undergrowth, you careen towards a distant landmark...
An Ancient Temple! May her secrets vanquish these fierce invaders?

(made with the free version of Coppercube 6.5.1 - no coding used)

Updated terrain and tree textures.
Added tree, bushes, plants and vine models.
Added dynamic lighting and illuminated bullets.
Added working RADAR and proximity warning.
Added face-hugger cut-scene.
Added cheat-menu (press "C", then "1" or "2").
Improved collisions to stop enemy/tank getting stuck.
Improved map shape and tree layout.
Added Predator's Nuclear-bomb timer animation.
Added helicopter land/wait/escape sequence.
Added dust video effect when helicopter takes-off/lands.
Added basic end sequences for win/lose.
Added game box-art "JungleTankRescue".
Added instructions/help-page.
Added Coppercube's "whisper" intro-animation.
Added menu button animations (Shine/Shatter).
Added 2D flames animation if nuclear bomb detonates.
Updated the inside of the temple with some "alien vs predator" art panels.
Added more music and sound effects.
Added 1st Person controller for tank-steer/cannon-aim.
Added Temple door now opens when all marines found.
Added random spawner for Enemies.

So, it's nearly finished - the player can now drive the tank, shoot the Predators, be caught/killed by the Predators, collect the Marines, Open the Temple door, hatch an Alien Egg, Impregnate a Predator with the Face-hugger, find the helicopter (as it lands during the bomb countdown), escape in the helicopter...or be killed in the nuclear-blast.

I just need to add a simple RADAR (thanks to COA for the suggestion), some parabolic bullets (thanks to just_in_case for the suggestion), clean up some of the timings for the end of the game, then I can add more detail to the forest (with more vines and better tree and plant models) and add some better textures/decorations around the scene - possibly a few more voices from the movies.

I added some cheats for now - just to quickly test the game: Press "c" to enable cheats", then tap "1" to spawn at the temple with all 5 marines.
Press "2" to toggle enemies on/off.

*Note: Enemies need to be (on/enabled) to be able to hatch the egg and impregnate the predator with the face-hugger!

External Plugins used:
Fade Screen.
Do something later.
Turn to face object.
Follow object.
Move node towards object.


2022-11-15 07:15:22

Pretty nice, It would have been nice if the projectiles are in parabola just like your cas-evac project.

2022-11-15 16:50:13

Thanks, that's actually a great idea - it would make the cannon projectiles look a lot better. I'll definitely add that in to the final RebelCounty game. Hopefully I'll finish cas-evac too, now I've progressed my understanding a bit more.

I think I'll make a small endless "Battlezone" style tank game to test the enemy AI once it's working - just a basic arena.

Thank you for the feedback justincase.

Registered User
2022-11-16 21:47:48

Great VP, the tank is excellent and works very well! Is possible to do a complete game just with this tank, congratulations! The RebelCounty will be a fantastic game!

Registered User
2022-11-16 22:57:13

Thank andgameplay! Glad you like it. Yes, I can make a basic game with just the tank. What type of enemy would you prefer - a bugs? spiders? Aliens or Soldiers? etc.

I'll probably just use some animated 2D sprites and set them as waves which move towards the player in incremented steps (ala Space Invaders).

Registered User
2022-11-17 17:10:33

Another enemies tanks would be cool, or aliens lol

the idea of waves in 2D sprites is good!

Registered User
2022-11-17 18:32:50

Very nice work.

Registered User
2022-11-17 21:23:58

Thanks Sven!

I've updated it today with a bit of gameplay, some sounds, music, scenery, smoother controls, bug-fixes,collectibles and... some enemies! lol

There are a few more features I want to add to it (such as parabolic shooting/score/end-game/Short Story animations).


Registered User
2022-11-18 06:06:22

very nice videogame! i specially like the gfx, animations and sounds.

2022-11-18 13:47:15

Thank you Coa, glad you like it!

The sounds and graphics are from sounds/

Registered User
2022-11-19 13:43:32

The sounds and graphics are from sounds/

Registered User
2022-11-21 16:47:13

The game is addictive! very good gameplay!

I already installed Unity and Unreal on my computer, I know that these other engines have more embedded technologies, but even so I think that coppercube can bring very close results if it is well used! I thought the forest was amazing!

2022-11-22 07:40:44

Thanks andgameplay!

Yes, I really love coppercube. I'm glad you like the game, I'll update the forest with better trees and more vines, maybe a different texture for the terrain.

I need to fix a major bug - I used the fade-screen plugin - so sometimes the sounds and game-restart get triggered multiple times, instead of just once - and sometimes the alien catches you when he's not supposed too (and some other things, such as variables not being set properly on restart). I normally just add a graduated fade.png and child it to the camera so I can slide it out of the cameras view - it will fix all these problems as soon as I remove the plugin.

It's great that coppercube can make something playable within a very short time, which can then be expanded over time. This project taught me a few more things too so although they're only very basic, each mini-game can act as a module to upgrade Rebel County and Cas-Evac.

I think that's my new plan - make several quick mini-games that have features that can be imported to my long-term project. That way, I can still get get things finished without affecting the progress with the main project too much.


Registered User
2022-11-22 15:20:55

really nice logo image!

Registered User
2022-11-22 16:32:46

Beautiful logo! It's a great idea to make minigames and include them in your big project!

Another great advantage that I found with the coppercube language is the speed of javascript, as it is much faster than python, and very close to unity's c sharp, thus being excellent for creating open world games!

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