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discussions about irrKlang, the crossplatform 2d and 3d audio engine
43312018-06-17 19:13:56 by niko
Problems getting 3d positionin...

discussions about CopperCube, the 3D authoring tool for WebGL, Flash, Android and more
Made something with CopperCube? Show it here.
2562Today by just_in_case
behavior to Display Current Al...
If you have a question how to do something in CopperCube this is the forum for you
6641Today by behroz-khan
Fall Damage??
Help with any programming or scripting tasks with CopperCube
2448Today by 3dnoob
Get Working Dir ?
Discovered a bug? Have a problem? Post it here.
3610Today by srfstudio
Blender FBX export - CopperCub...
post anything here which doesn't belong in the other forums
2049Today by morice.cube
Always do a backup...!


discussions about RocketCake, the responsive web designer
1332Today by bupp
RocketCake crashed


discussions about WebsitePainter, the website editor
12992018-07-16 09:10:26 by niko
foot notes in website painter


discussions about CopperLicht, the free JavaScript/WebGL 3d Engine
13742018-07-22 17:52:33 by ssatguru
copperLicht API to save scene ...


discussions about irrEdit, the free realtime 3D world editor and radiosity lightmap generator
10502018-06-15 08:19:49 by niko
irrEdit for 1.8?


discussions about irrFuscator, the ActionScript 3 obfuscator
2892015-09-25 09:29:10 by erik
irrFuscator Terminal Commands


discussions about irrXML the open source XML parser
1612014-11-24 10:36:45 by Ruben Garcia
Support for gcc 4.8

Open Discussion

Discussion about everything. New games, 3d math, development tips,...
650Today by mrfix
Smart Packer Pro X

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