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2022-02-23 23:22:54

Looks like Mixamo will possibly be closing (or becoming subscription-only) soon. Make sure you get your models/animations while you can. :sad:

Any decent alternatives for autorigging/animating characters that people would recommend just in case it finally closes down?

So far, I've seen cascadeur, autorig-pro (blender), iclone, DazStudio.


2022-02-24 03:14:50

Adobe Fuse CC (Beta) 1.0 beta Download (Free) - Fuse.exe › ...
6 Feb 2022 — The new 3D modeling app lets you quickly create unique human characters for your Adobe Photoshop CC images, designs, prototypes and more.

2022-02-24 06:43:49

Well, adobe fuse was in existence before Mixamo and it was been discontinued when Adobe introduced Mixamo as an auto rigger with a game-ready character and animation library, don't know if they are planning to revive it again.

When it comes to other similar tools, then Blender can be used, it is not that straight forward but it does provide you auto rigger add-ons, and the ability to import and apply animations from mocap libraries.

There is also Unreal Engine's MetaHuman, but I am not sure about the licensing there.

I tried I-clone but I didn't find it suitable for me.
You can also try makehuman.

I think it will open a new world of character creation and customization in the metaverse if people are going to use Facebook's upcoming metaverse. I think they will also provide an option to import and export custom characters.

2022-02-24 07:28:37

Ah ok thanks, I've tried AdobeFuse a few times over the years, it's really good for making characters quickly - but I think it still needs mixamo to apply the animations.

Same for metahuman and make-human (although I haven't tried either of them recently). Metahuman is nuts - only problem is that the character I made was around 4GB in size, lol.

Makehumanis nice but for some reason they removed the "posing" feature. So, I guess that leaves cascadeur , Iclone and Blender.

Iclone is expensive to buy but I'll try them all out and make a decision. Thank you both!

Registered User
2022-02-24 13:17:46

Mixamo is wonderful! I guess they only will add paid animations, but still keeping the free ones. but is a good idea look for new alternatives!

2022-02-24 16:17:04

I do low poly only so all these are way to heavy anyway.

even the cc internal avatars are a bit heavy.

I would use a lowpoly make human model and then remesh that in blender to 600 verts or so. but Texturizing such models is really difficult to make then look good

like this, the facial features are really difficult to place them at the right spot and look good from all angles

or this one

2022-02-26 18:11:10

Thanks for the intel.

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