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GeoCoreForce Android RTS Concept
Author Text

Registered User
2019-02-06 16:49:58

Simple RTS concept for Android.While still in early development, there is a good amount of functionality:
- 5 unique units (Scout,Soldier,Destroyer,Sniper,Brute)
- Rock-Paper-Scissors like combat (3 armor types each weapon effects these differently)
- Ui and build Menu
- Select all on screen and all on map option
- Unit Selection and Action voices
- Assign selected units to a control group (1 of 3) and able to recall that group
- In game notification system, logs up to 10 messages
- Capturable structures
- Resources
- Fairly intelligent AI opponent. Actively captures structures, build units, manages resources, and attack your army.

Captured from my phone using DURecorder.
Note their is sound in game, but as a security feature i'm not allowed to record the sounds in game.

Registered User
2019-02-07 09:25:22

Very impressive!

2019-02-08 01:23:46

Thank you!

Registered User
2019-02-08 12:09:25

Good concept, it seems to be functioning great!
How did you solve screen scrolling, with buttons or swipe? Can camera view follow the selected units or is it always manual scrolling?

Registered User
2019-02-08 15:19:45

Thank you!

My camera is a modification on Abreima's rts camera script.

For screen scrolling, I detect where i click/touch and check to see if its close to an edge and move it in that direction.

if (this.clicked){
if ((this.MoveUp == true) || (mouseY <= this.PanThickness))
position.z += this.Speed * delta;
if ((this.MoveDown == true) || (mouseY >= height - this.PanThickness))
position.z -= this.Speed * delta;
if ((this.MoveLeft == true) || (mouseX <= this.PanThickness))
position.x -= this.Speed * delta;
if ((this.MoveRight == true) || (mouseX >= width - this.PanThickness))
position.x += this.Speed * delta;

PanThickness is the distance from edge set in the behavior

I tried Swiping and it's not as intuitive as id hoped. Its still implemented as an option, though a little buggy.

Registered User
2019-02-25 04:55:53

Progress! Games really looking like an RTS.

* Added Resources Ui and a new resource: Population Cap
* Added new unit, Gunner. This completes the build-able unit roster to 6. (Scout, Assault, Destroyer, Sniper, Brute, Gunner)
* Created an AI set to properly use Gunners. Identify an owned GEO Core and position itself to protect it. Will no leave from that position once it reaches destination.
* Defined new armor type: GEO, specifically for GEO Cores. All units do 1 damage to GEO Cores except scouts which do 5x damage.
* Added a new UI button and refactored scripts to "pause" game until player clicks the begin button.
* Added voice for many notifications such as "Unit Lost" etc
* Used Coppercube terrain object to make more varied grounds. Switched to dynamic lighting.
* Lots of refactoring to make game run as smooth as possible. It doesn't take much to overwhelm Android resources.



* Scout - LGT armor. Cheap, fast, and lightly armed. Not intended for extended fighting. Captures GEO Cores quickly. Slightly resistant to sniper fire. Effective vs LGT armor and slightly effective vs MED armor.

* Assault - MED armor. Your backbone unit. Great compromise between speed, costDurability, and DPS. Its relatively low damage is remedied by its high rate of fire. Good damage vs LGT and MED armor.

* Destroyer - MED armor. If you absolutely need to put a hole in it this is your unit.Destroyers and Brutes are the only units effective vs heavy armored units. However is slow and takes time between each shot.

* Sniper - LGT armor. Does exactly as intended. Able to target enemies twice as far as other units. However be warned that snipers have very low HP, so keep them behind other units for protection. Great vs MED armor and useless vs HEV armor.

* Brute - HEV armor. Break through unit. High HP and resistant to most enemy fire. On top of this, they carry an plasma cannon that is good vs all armor types, including HEV armor. Brutes can make a fearsome unit to encounter. The best way to stop one is with Destroyers and Brutes of your own. Only downside is their high price.

*Gunner - HEV armor. Purely defensive unit, gunners have high HP, long range, fast rate of fire and high damage output. Allowing them to take on whole squads of LGT and MED units solo. However, they are not very mobile. They have the slowest move speed and are completely unable to engage units while moving. Gunners need to stop to ready their turret before they can engage the enemy. Due to their defensive nature I have disabled them from being selected with the select all option. You need to select them manually via the Select Mode.

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