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Copper cube in linux how this worked

2024-02-05 15:45:57

Folks, anybody build their games coppercube on Linux and its variants, how are you doing there?
How are your bugs there and is it possible to transfer your builds from Windows to Linux OS?

2024-02-05 19:02:11

1.) there is no official supported Linux version of CopperCube

2.) under Linux we are able to use CopperCube as Windows version with the help of WINE

3.) Next to WebGL & Android we publish our CopperCube projects as Windows projects that we must also run under Linux with WINE

4.) you can publish both OpenGL or DirectX powered projects but for preventing UI glitches set editor renderer to OpenGL

5.) WINE can be installed into your Linux system from package sources (official, Launchpad, Flatpack, ...) or be used as portable Wine .appimage file onto which .exe files can simply be drag' n' dropped for execution (or you start wine + exe with terminal commands in console)

6.) there are lots of helper programs to enhance the use of WINE like e.g. winetricks, Bottles, PlayOnLinux, Proton, Lutris, etc ...

7.) with WINE we can run CopperCube projects that were built on otehr people's Windows machines

8.) modern WINE versions install win 64bit architecture that should also run 32bit exe (e.g. built with CopperCube 6.3) by deafult, in some cases you have to make some adjustments for 32bit support


2024-02-06 17:49:31

Hadoken thanks for responce above someone used my nickname to write you revealed some new information to me

2024-02-06 17:51:39

people, please use your nicknames in the forum, by the way, thanks again to Hodoken for the information

2024-02-06 18:00:40

I remember Niko wrote to me, oh, you work on Windows and you seem to have lost your mind or something, so I thought maybe on Linux there is an advantage of using a cube...

2024-02-06 18:43:19

just removed the post that doesn't seem to be from a legitimate user.

Registered User
2024-04-19 15:21:55

I remember when I tried building my projects with CopperCube on Ubuntu.

As for bugs, well, let's just say I encountered a few bumps along the way, but nothing that couldn't be ironed out with some patience and troubleshooting.

And transferring builds from Windows to Linux? It's definitely doable! I once migrated a project from Windows to Linux without too much hassle. Just make sure to double-check compatibility and dependencies.

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