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A very unfortunate event

2021-09-24 17:09:00

Got attacked by ransomware and lost all of my data, there were so many custom extensions and ccb files, and all of them are gone within few minutes.

lesson learned never allow your siblings and cousin to play games on your work PC. My cousin downloaded a hack to cheat in PUBG and I have lost all the data. The only data I have now are demos, extensions, and files that are on my website and are on my G-drive other than that I lost all the data. All of my work of so many years has gone in vain.

I am in grief. I was saving the data for years, and there are literally tears in my eyes while writing this. I am so obsessed with this engine and had more than 500+ small and awesome projects in my HDD and they are all gone. I have spent thousands of hours.
Even the backup drives got encrypted too. They were connected to the main PC when the Ransomware attacked.

It's like I have lost everything.

I am really sorry, but I might not be able to post new content that frequently on my website.
I might not as well show up on the forums as well. I am broken.

2021-09-24 17:36:10


Man, I really feel so deeply much sorrow to read all this of your great loss which is a ultimate tragic shame whoever may be responsible or not.

Please don't hesitate to ask us - the community to which you have given so much - for help. Maybe anyone has some particular stuff you're missing in a comparable shape still floating around somehow.

And maybe it's time for any of you to think about changing to the LINUX side of computing, where the risks still are much smaller nowadays, I think.


Aiming bullets
2021-09-24 23:05:48

Whattttt!! 😱 My god, dude that's the most sad thing, really sorry to hear this. Hope you recover your files by some sort of tools or something else.

You can try some tools mentioned by youtubers like photorec, shadow explorer or some malware removal tools.
I can feel your situation, works of years and all.
Sorry that you are suffering this.

jjust a cc user
2021-09-25 18:08:06

2021-09-25 19:22:14

Awww man, that hurts!

How much is the ransom - would they actually release the data if it's paid? If it's not too much, start a "go-fund-me" and I'll make a donation to see if they'll de-encrypt it for you.

2021-09-26 06:30:46

Thanks a lot guys for your support and advice, I completely wiped my system and did a fresh installation of windows and I think it's done what has to be done. At least we have some stuff on the website I just hope I will come with better projects this time. If I redo them. I also lost some personal stuff not just CC's file. I was able to recover some deleted images but not the modified encrypted files.
sometimes it's good to have a reboot or restart, so I thinking restarting projects from scratch will bear better results.

once again thanks a lot for your kind words, this shows the true community spirit and makes yous cheer up. This is exactly how a community works. Yeah, there are some people who spread negativity as well but I am not going to answer those posts.
I will try to keep up what I have been doing all these years.

Thanks :)

2021-09-28 04:21:13

Damn! - sorry to hear that 'just_in_case' - you of all forum members have been probably the most active and helpful...

Something like that would be insufferable for me so I try and keep as many backups as possible - only yesterday saved all original and modified CC meshes, textures & prefabs into 2 separate external hard drives...hoping that even a total PC meltdown would still recover most things...
I also have 2-3 USB drives with just critical data on it also plus some stuff online on my web server.

Your right though, sometimes a fresh start with all the experience you now have can create even better results...I get that a lot when I come back like 6 months or a year later and redo the textures or mesh decimations etc for better results with increased knowledge that I didnt have before...its good you posted a lot of stuff for free else that would be lost also..

2021-09-29 05:58:10

Thanks, Robo, The external backup drive was also connected to the same PC and got infected as well. I am glad that you are having backups of all your data.

and it's not about the data only, the probably has got some of the credentials as well, recently a spam video got auto-posted on my Youtube Channel, I deleted that video asap, then I am getting spam texts from my cousin's discord while he is not using it at all, and in the morning today, I got an email that someone has accessed my Ubisoft account.

I have already changed the Credentials of these accounts but I am doubting the security of Google, I have 2FA enabled on my account and that didn't help. It seems the hackers outsmarted google's security measures.

I don't know but maybe they are using cookies or my browser data to access my credentials.

I recommend you guys to not take virus warnings lightly, even when using the CC created apps.

wondering what's the hacker are going to do next, so far I am not harmed, they are just posting spam texts and all. Fortunately, I didn't have any payment credentials stored on my PC.

Hope he gets frustrated and deletes my data when he found that there is nothing in there through which he can get the benefit.

2021-10-01 04:33:15

again? and no backup, oh boy what a disaster
need to be more paranoid when going online.
this is going to take some time.

but don't panic !!!
make copies of the encrypted mess
and try these tools on a fresh copy of the original
mostly they use encryption tools they find on your system right?
they may even keep the key some where on their victims PC.

here are some ideas for your research, i believe the heimdahl link to be quite good. free anti ransom tools :

Gartner Ransomware Research
avast com
info com
avg com

Free Ransomware Decryption Tools
Alcatraz Locker.

190+ Free Ransomware Decryption Tools You Need [2021 List]


2021-10-01 04:59:54

49 results for "ransomware decryptor"

Lorenz Ransomware Decryptor
heimdal security blogCybersecurity Specialists Developed a Free Lorenz Ransomware Decryptor
JUNE 30, 2021

Kaseya decryptor
Kaseya Managed to Obtain the Universal Decryptor After the REvil Ransomware Attack
JULY 23, 2021

ransomware explained
Explained. What It Is and How It Works
SEPTEMBER 29, 2021

Ransomware decryption tools
Here Are the Free Ransomware Decryption Tools You Need to Use
SEPTEMBER 21, 2021

2021-10-01 10:56:21

Thanks @ DouweDabbe, but as I already mentioned, I have already wiped my data and did a fresh installation, and there is no going back now.

Registered User
2021-10-06 12:58:19

This is a complete disaster, few times I've lost a day or two of work due to corrupted files or accidental erasure but I have never lost all of my data. I can't even imagine the impact of something like this

Not only did this affect your CC work but, I'm assuming, your private files like photos, videos, passwords...

I'm sorry this happened and I really empathize, hopefully, you will get through it quickly and regain the will to work and do the things you enjoy.

2021-10-18 18:06:35

Amazing, when Zoo's website was hacked and taken down, people laughed at him even though he actually had more snippets and resources then this dude ever introduced.

2021-10-18 19:08:53

... nice to hear from you again for traditional reasons - less because of the message content ...

@Joo / @Zuice ???

2021-10-19 07:42:47

Juice wrote:
Amazing, when Zoo's website was hacked and taken down, people laughed at him even though he actually had more snippets and resources then this dude ever introduced.

I dont think its ever funny or meaningless that someone can losing hundreds of hours of work from a virus or any reason. 'Just_in_vase' has been one of the most helpful members of this community for a while so we should support him not think so lightly of it.

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