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(feature request) better scaling.
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Registered User
2021-09-17 20:16:22

So I find that on certain resolutions the text starts to blur out badly... I understand that if the app was able to check the resolution of the monitor, it could be improved?

If this isn't feasible, I understand, but it sure would be nice to see crisp text...


N.B. I'm currently at 1080x1920, with 125% scaling on Windows 10... 100% scaling looks amazing in RocketCake, but 125% looks best for all my other apps...

Registered User
2021-09-17 20:17:38

Just to clarify, this has nothing to do with rendering in the browser, but while working in RocketCake itself.

Registered User
2021-09-18 06:31:27

Ha, yes, thats what Ive requested too, niko told me that Rocketcake will support highDPI with the next update

Registered User
2021-09-18 15:00:13

Awesome! Pretty pumped for the update!

Registered User
2021-09-21 15:38:56

So pumped to see a new version out!

Unfortunately, the blurred text still exists?

Also, when I set my monitor scaling to 125%, the pictures overlap on the text in RocketCake - I can send screenshots if that helps?

2021-09-21 15:42:21

Strange, it supports Windows's HighDPI feature now.

Are you sure you've started the correct version of RocketCake?
They install side-by-side.
Alternatively: Maybe you've two monitors with different scaling? RocketCake for now only supports 1 monitor scaling. (Probably adding support for multiple monitors later)

Yes, please send a screenshot! (There is an email address written on this website under Support -> Contact)

Registered User
2021-09-21 16:49:18

Yes, I probably am an edge case. I do have two monitors, and recently switched my "RocketCake" monitor to portrait mode instead of landscape mode - highly recommend people at least try that, it's so nice to see more of the website vertically when working on it!

I did find a good solution actually - I set the scaling on this monitor back to 100%, but then was able to drill down the text scaling, and set just the text to 125%. So now clear, larger text for my aging eyes, but the pictures still scale properly. The issue only arises when I would set ALL the scaling at 125% in the Windows Settings. But text only is just fine.

I think the next tweak that would be nice would be to let users adjust the width of the documents and tools sidebars and have those sizes remembered for the next session...


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