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Problem with Vertical Algnment
Author Text

Registered User
2021-06-02 05:54:43

Hi I am trying to solve a problem that has me puzzled.

Image A

has the text of the 4 buttons in the white container nicely aligned vertically.

Image B

but here the properties of everything are identical, yet in this container they are not aligned the same. (I have looked at the source, compared with a diff tool and the CSS is the same for both.)

Even more surprising, is that if I copy and paste the good looking container from page A onto page B it gets messed up, see image C

How can this happen? Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is there a logical reason and a solution?

I am using RocketCake 3.5 and feel stuck.


Registered User
2021-06-02 10:02:25

Difficult to say, it would be easier to find the reason for this if I could see the html in action.
It could be that there is some line break or even just a space causing this. But difficult to say. Maybe you could post a link, or send the .rcd file to support?

Registered User
2021-06-02 13:26:04

Eric, thank you for the offer. I am thinking there *must* be a logical reason. I wil have one more look over the two pages and the generated files.

If I have no success, yes, I can make the .rcd file available.

And if I do find the answer, I will post the reason here, for reference.

Registered User
2021-06-02 14:25:37

I kept digging. and after stripping both pages back to the bare minimum of elements, I made an observation.

One page used SlickGrid and the other does not. On the page with SlickGrid I had used an "example.css" file that can with it.

in the CSS, there is this definition:

* {
font-family: arial;
font-size: 8pt;

For reasons I do not fully undertand (I am not that knowledgable about CSS) this was affectng the RocketCake buttons, even though each button overrode both those properties, as far as I can tell from the Developer Tools in the browser.

Clearly there is something about CSS I need to better understand,

Anyway, problem solved, and RocketCake is not the culprit, of course!

Registered User
2021-06-02 17:08:54

Thanks also for keeping us informed about the solution, always interesting!

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