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<feature request> publish to local disc / only save updated or new files
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Registered User
2021-03-18 16:11:14

Could we have a setting for only saving new or updated files when we publish to the local disc too? I don't need it to resave every HTML5 movie and sound bite and picture just because I corrected a spelling mistake on a single page...

Still really enjoying RocketCake!

2021-03-19 08:12:29

Good idea, added to the TODO list. Thanks for the suggestion!

Registered User
2021-03-22 19:37:44

Maybe even easier to implement and still accomplishes a huge service - a choice to only update .html, .css, .php etc... But leave assets unchanged (.jpg, .mp4, etc...). Basically just update the webpages but not all the assets on them. That's sort of what I've begun doing, instead of saying "yes to all" when I go to publish locally, I just say yes four times, and that covers the masterpage, as well as my main page from there.

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