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Index page issue
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Registered User
2021-03-16 17:01:44

Can anyone help with my index page which is displaying wrong.(www The page should show two elements, one above the other -1/ cameras+text and 2/ menu boxes.

A screen size below 1920 seems OK, but at around 1920 it displays the two elements side by side, and I cannot persuade it to behave. I'm using RC 3.2 Interestingly the preview is OK but once published to the internet it is different. . . Any ideas?

Registered User
2021-03-16 19:08:05

The website looks fine on my 27 inch screen Tony.

I started looking through the site and was quite enthralled. Photography was a hobby of mine many years ago as a teenager and recently with aerial video/pictures using a drone.

Back to the Website, it looks good at present.

Were you referring to the container boxes going side by side whilst designing the website?

Registered User
2021-03-16 20:14:36


Thanks for looking . .

The index page was designed to have the cameras and some text ABOVE six menu buttons - but for some reason that I do not understand the cameras/text are being shown side by side with the menus - unless I make the window smaller. Nothing I have done attempting to remedy it has any effect, so, much scratching of the head as of yet.

If the browser window size is reduced a tad, the page is displayed as I would like it to be. What I cannot figure is how to prevent the side by side display at full screen.

I am presuming this is how everyone will see it - hope this makes sense!

Registered User
2021-03-16 21:24:06

On my 13" macbook pro everything looks fine. On my 7" android tablet (vertically) your Contact link doesn't show at all. The graphics look fine except Pro Video Services link is cut a bit.
The only problem I see is the menu on all the pages.

Oh, and I just noticed an empty box on the Contact page.

Very nice site. Good job!

Registered User
2021-03-17 12:08:03

Simply put a line break between both containers (press ENTER). Another way would be to put both into a new container and set a max width for that container.

Registered User
2021-03-17 14:29:56

Thanks to everyone for their time.

I will hopefully be able to sort things out now - ironically my web hosting may have played a part in this - I ran out of bandwidth and my latest updates were compromised it seems.

It never rains etc.

Registered User
2021-03-18 12:56:48

A resolution . . .

It appears Microsoft Edge browser was the culprit causing the chaotic issues I described - all to do with the cache not clearing. I think I will change browsers.

Thanks again.

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