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(feature request) Remember Tile Settings.
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Registered User
2021-02-20 14:59:05

Oh, before I make my second suggestion - is the (feature request) tag okay in my subject? I didn't see a separate place to make requests, and thought this would help sort requests from problems. Let me know if there's a standard that you'd prefer...

Second suggestion is another "remember my setting" request - I see I can drag the bars between Documents, Properties and Tools around to suit my liking, but again, they revert to a default setting after quitting and restarting the programme. It would be sweet if I could have it remember my setup - perhaps even have "profiles" of settings for real power users. Generally I don't have that many pages that I need half the height of my screen just for Documents - I'd be happier to have the Properties bar much taller so I can do less scrolling there. I daresay that the default for it should be more like a 25/75 split vertically instead of 50/50? And maybe even permit the vertical bars to be memorized after a shift to allow people to adjust the width of the toolsets to be tailored to their needs?

Thanks so much for even entertaining my thoughts!

2021-02-20 15:37:06

You have good taste of design, but everything goes broken in mobile or tablet desktop view not as bad.

2021-02-20 15:38:52

Sorry, this message is not for you "D

Registered User
2021-02-20 15:58:22

Hey, just because the message wasn't for me, doesn't mean it may still not be accurate?

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