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Table cell height in editor and browser different
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2021-01-18 20:15:24

Hi, I have created a table with lots of content. 6 x 18 cells. In the editor it looks fine, but when previewed in the browser, there are big gaps in the rows. There are two or three lines of content in the cells but two or more empty lines (spaces) are displayed in the browser.
When I checked the line heights in the editor in Html code and also in the browser source code, they are totally different. For example, 49 pixels in the editor and 105 pixels in the browser for the same row. Why does this change from the editor to the browser?
I tried setting many different container heights and table heights but I cannot get it to display WYSIWYG.
Most interestingly, last night it was displayed correctly in the browser, too. Then, something changed.
Also, I tried to create a new table but after a few rows, I realized, it still has those big gaps in the rows.
Any idea, why this is happening?

Registered User
2021-01-19 09:27:29

I think it depends on the browser and the content and the view size quite a bit. Everything tries to fit to each other, and you sometimes end up with different sizes that way.

For me, my table works nicely in every case when I set its width to a fixed size (by default, the size was set to "50%, 260", but when I changed it to "400, 260", it looked much nicer).

But I guess it depends on the content of your tables.

2021-01-19 10:48:44

Thank you Erik, this seems to work.
I had to add 7 breakpoints to adjust the table for different screen widths (because it has 6 columns). Still, I am happy that it looks consistent.

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