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Youtube video not playing on windows machine, but do on iphone/ipad
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Registered User
2021-01-15 15:46:36

I have a page that has many links to youtube video's.

I use the real link, so not the lnk, but they are when you drag the youtube video into the page:

so, when i look at it from my windows machine in chrome, i do have the start image from the youtube video, but when i want to play it, youtube gives an error message saying video can't be played ......

wen i put that same address link in the address, i works right away.

also on ipad, iphone using the same network, no problem at all.

When i do a preview of the site, the same thing happns.

I checked the video and it is enabled for embedded playback

2021-01-16 05:06:47

Sounds to me like youtube thinks you are maybe doing something bad with their traffic. It wills sometimes behave like that. Do you get an exact error message?

Share the link or .rcd file if you want some details.

Registered User
2021-01-22 13:50:07

Looks like a problem in (my) chrome browser. It workes just fine in IE, and i checked and it workes in Chrome in incognito mode also.

Cleared all cache, updated chrome, rebooted machine. Still the same. I'm sure it's got nothing to do with Rocketcake itself, must be something in my Chrome settings / add-ins / plugins.

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