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New features requests

Registered User
2020-12-23 09:51:33

Hi Niko! Here I left some features what will make CC a bit better.
It will be useful if in CC we can copy/paste the behavior in action, it will save a lot of time I think.
Auto-detect physics geometry of object too will be very useful.
It would also be nice to make dynamic lighting from points of light, and not just from directional, this can greatly improve the quality of the picture, I think.
And it would be good if we have the ability to stand on moving objects (and not fall off them if you stand still)
Apparently many forum users want decals.
I think this will be enough to put CC with larger engines, such as Unity or Godot, if not in terms of graphics, but in terms of functions and ease of use.
Waiting For CopperCube 7) Bye!

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