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Can I pay for features to be added?

Registered User
2020-11-26 13:11:03

Hi Niko, I have a couple of features I'd really like to be added to the scene graph editor please. I appreciate that it takes time and effort to develop.

Would I be able to pay you to add them please?

Not sure if these are easy or difficult additions...

1- In the SceneGraphEditor, please make the "Edit Actions" box much bigger (at least twice its current size, both horizontally and vertically).

2- Please add a function to copy/paste individual "actions" from the SceneGraphEditor (in the same way that behaviours can be copied/pasted with "Ctrl-B" and "Ctrl-J").

3- Please add a publish option to "dump/export" the SceneGraphEditor (including settings/actions/behaviours) as a readable plain text file (game.txt) for quick-reference/de-bugging.

Thank you.

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