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Direct X 11 is coming

2020-10-24 03:06:18

Yes, it would appear directX 11 might eventually be coming as Niko says on this topic:

"It's still a lot of work to do. Re-writing a 3D engine to use another API is quite a large task"...

So might be quite a while for that unfortunately....even though beta testing started 2 years ago...

Registered User
2020-10-24 22:59:17

You should actually link stuff before posting, plus it never started "beta testing" at any point... Get your facts straight!

2020-10-25 09:01:44

You should actually link stuff before posting, plus it never started "beta testing" at any point... Get your facts straight!

ok, well "closed alpha" and "beta" not a big difference - seriously what is your problem ?

"Modern D3D 11 based renderer preview (in closed alpha)
Internally, CopperCube now has an additional D3D 11 renderer with support for more modern 3D features.
It is not public yet, buggy, and still early alpha but will be enabled for public use in an update in the near future."

2020-10-25 09:35:11

Just read some of your previous posts - ignore my last comment.
I can understand your frustration with this engine and its lack of features...I too have had many a day getting Pixxed off with it.

I am just doing what I can with its limitations, and yeah, I doubt direct 11 will ever come...was being sarcastic more than anything..

Registered User
2020-11-13 20:25:41

I'm not a c ++ programmer and I have no idea how to create an engine!

But a Brazilian recently created an engine with python and c ++ it has good features and etc.

I see this thinking that if a person (engine created in 30 hours) made an engine with python and c ++! with effects .. shine ...
skybox, mesh animations and etc.

I think that niko manages to make this happen without losing the essence of coppercube which is what keeps us using it.

Simple and light!

engine created in 30 hours and

I don't know if it's the same right below.

2020-11-30 14:44:17

Thanks quite impressive have to say to write a basic game engine in 30 hours = he must have practiced this a few times I expect first.

Can you contact him to get hold of CC studio edition and make some needed changes - we can all put in something to buy it and go from there....?

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