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Problem with Youtube Video
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2020-04-19 19:43:25

I always have the problem that YouTube videos that I integrate into my page via the component "Youtube Video" cannot be played. The following message appears: "Video not available". In YouTube directly and also in other sites where this video is embedded, however, it runs.

I can rule out an error when integrating the link. I checked this carefully. The whole occurs in about 10% of all videos. They just don't run when they're embedded in a rocket cake page.

Does anyone have an idea?

2020-04-20 06:05:20

It happens when the uploader of the youtube video forbids to embed the video in a website. Its a flag in the youtube settings for the authors of the video.
It also happens when youtube recognizes a lot of "bad" traffic from where you are (like some neighbours have some bots running, scraping youtube or google illegally). Then youtube needs you to go to the actual youtube page so they can check if you are legit traffic or not.

2020-04-20 15:47:58

I can understand all of that. But a video that cannot be played in a Rocket Cake page works as an embedded video in a page that was not created with Rocket Cake. The only difference is that the page on which the video is running is not hosted in Germany, like my site, but in Sweden. Can it be because of this regional difference? So that Google only prevents the embedding of a video in certain countries?

Registered User
2020-04-20 21:33:31

Could be. Difficult to say. Can you show us?

2020-04-24 00:49:43

Here is the link to the test page.

Just noticed that the video runs when I load the page on the server. But it doesn't work if I only finish the page locally on the hard drive. Unfortunately I cannot upload a rcd.-file. Otherwise you could try it yourself. Most videos also run if I only publish the website locally.

Registered User
2021-04-16 15:35:26

Just wanted to tag on my experience with this sort of issue...

I had the same type of error on my Youtube cut and paste URLs - for a time I just put them in as an HTML insert and asked Youtube for an embed code, but then I discovered something much easier that works flawlessly for me.

When you insert a Youtube video and head over to properties, do NOT insert the whole URL of your video clip - I know the default one works, but for some reason, no other URLs that I paste there work. JUST insert the unique identifier of the video - ie: those random letters and numbers after the final forward slash or = sign.



ONLY enter 4snToWyX7XQ in the RocketCake properties.

Hope this is helpful to others - it wasn't obvious to me at first, but it works a treat.

I also sincerely apologise if I'm posting too much about my discoveries as I work with RocketCake on my projects, I'm just enjoying it so much.

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