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Registered User
2020-01-12 11:36:26

I want some features to be added in the next version.

1. There will be an option to add behaviours to a clone scene node.
2. Behaviours properties can be changed during runtime.
3. Behaviours can be trigered on or off using actions.
4. Collision for animated mesh and particles
5. Ragdolls.
6. Decals.
7. More materials.
8. 2D overlay can be mapped to any object surface like a video.
9. Better Ai for npc.
10. Lensflares and glow effect.

Registered User
2020-01-14 06:01:34

1. This already exists. when you clone a node all its behavior and configuration are cloned as well.

2. Also would like.
3. If you create your own behavior doing this is actually quite easy.
4. How far this test already works.
5. I want it too.
6. I want it too.
7. I am late for the material it is possible to add shaders, but so far I have not had success with that.
8. I want it too.
9. I made my own AI.
It is possible to do with ccb owner's resources and actions, but of course with restrictions.
10. I want it too.

at the very end ccb needs directx 11 and better lighting and clear material a window where you can edit your material would be interesting.

Registered User
2020-01-15 21:25:37

I copyed thi things because I want Niko to see it

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