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Wondering the best way to implement buttons and handle external html being passed into my main index page.

Registered User
2019-11-08 05:23:46

Hi! So I've started the undertaking of making an rpg game! So far I have the main (if very simple) game page designed, but I was wondering about 2 key things.
Would anyone have advice about the best way to implement buttons? Should I have several buttons on the main page, and dynamically have them change what they do depending on the game state? Or should I add and remove buttons dynamically depending on game state? I've asked around, and I have noticed a theme of getting circular answers with it. So just curious if anyone might know a best way to handle that.

And more importantly: Handling passing in html for storyline/sidequests/skills/etc.
I've been reading on a few different methods to have external html text pulled from a file into the div my main text is going to go into.

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