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Cetetorius Pre-Alpha v0.3.0
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Registered User
2019-07-29 23:39:48


A lot of work has been done on this project!
I hope you leave your feedback and help us make the game even better!


Update v0.3.0 Pre-Alpha Changelist:

- Added Healthbar for enemies
- Added health and mana potions
- Added potions to Bernard's trade
- Added some visual effects
- Added effect and sound for Level Up
- Added a new passage to the forest
- Change spawnpoint after load game
- New sign textures
- Added sounds effects for player's damage
- Added option for disabling damage sounds
- Some background music are changed
- Added sounds effects and background sounds
- Increased reward for some quests
- New blood texture
- Now you can disable blood in settings
- Fixed music and sounds bugs

2019-08-01 11:56:34

looking better.

I would add walking sounds for the main player.

The main outdoor music was a bit repetitive, so I would add more variations in it.

Whats about animals sounds like horse snorting, human mumbles or sighs and fox sounds etc.

You need a music volume setting also as started too loud for me.

Maybe include angry responses from players you are not supposed to attack - or just don't allow it.

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