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Not working

Registered User
2009-07-13 06:23:09

Hi, I'm using Flash CS4 and AS3.
I made a game, compiled to work with Flash Player 10.
It use GPU harware acceleration.

I can't encrypt it with SWF Encrypt from Amayeta, which is really powerfull, as the encrypted swf get an error : VerifyError: Error 1107 ABC Data are corupted, attempt to read outside of limits.

So I turned myself to your Fuscator that I know thanks to Irrlicht : )
However the swf still readable by my decompiler as nothing had change : The code is clear and understandable, great fonction & var names... Moreover all symboles are availlables (that's not a problem, but I saw a topic saying that your soft was changing things on symboles that other soft don't)
I'm using Sothink SWF Decompiler 5.

So, what could I do now ?



PS : I need to protect my game, if your soft can't do that, what could you recomand to me to use, exept SWF encrypt from amayeta because it's not working :(

2009-07-13 12:54:39

Maybe you are not using Actionscript 3? It only works with Actionscript 3, not the old versions, 1 or 2.

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