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push/repost Fog and Skyboxes.

Registered User
2019-01-27 20:55:55

Sup y'all

im pretty sure my issue is almost exactly the same as user's:

2018-07-15 15:56:53

whenever i move the fps camera through the fog and get to the part where the edges/borders of the skybox are , the skybox weirdly cuts through the fog, rendering the whole thing pretty much useless, any fixes or workarounds known for this by now?

2020-12-09 12:21:47

late reply- sorry, I'm a bit slow...(joke)

Yes, your right - mostly but your main problem here is view distance. change it up to see much further and will fix like 80% of the problem.

The other 20% has no solution as when you view at certain angles, you see through the fog and looks all wrong... that remains a problem till now with no solution except to use OpenGL which doesn't have that particular problem.

OpenGL is much better only that the textures now for outdoor terrains (from heightmaps or new terrain) will be stuffed up and sketchy / pixelated something horrid when you use more than one texture and thus totally unusuable.

So, the best on offer we have from CopperCube is somewhat sketchy fog 20% of the time using Direct3D....

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