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Is CopperCube capable of this type of graphical fidelity?

Registered User
2018-12-05 20:21:46

I was wondering: do you guys think that, with enough effort and the right settings and light placements and some PostFX (probably Bloom for the first image's lights), that you can get graphics as good as this?



This has something to do with my project. That's all I'll say :)

I'm thinking CC can't pump out visuals THIS good, but I could get close. What do you think? I am trying hard to get the absolute best visuals I can, and it'd be damn nice to have my game look like this! btw these are promo renders and not actual in-game shots made by the developers of the game.

Registered User
2018-12-06 10:14:46

I actually think that, combined with srfstudio's method for exporting lighted meshes in the B3D format and using the lightmapper in CC, I could do this.

Registered User
2018-12-06 12:16:12

Sure, most of this seems like it can be done in CC. Lighting can be much better than in these images if done in Blender, Max, Maya or other programs that support second UV lightmapping. If you import environment geometry in B3D format you can also use dynamic lights on geometry. Injectors can be used for bloom, color-filters, depth-of-field, dynamic ao and similar. Shaders on animated models can maybe be 'faked' with good use of specular/reflective shading.

Things that I see in images that I believe can't be done at this time in CC but I may be wrong:
1. Only D3D and OpenGL builds allow (usable) dynamic lights on lightmapped geometry and injectors for PPE, so WebGL is out.
2. Standard shaders on animated geometry, like parallax & bump/normal mapping, can't be achieved through CC or injectors (QeffectsGL actually have Emboss effect but it's for an entire scene so it can't be targeted & it's not very good).
3. Character dynamic shadows can't be displayed on lightmapped geometry unless lightmaps are baked into textures and are not on second UV.

Number 3 can be done but it would mean splitting environment geometry into 'non walk-able' & 'walk-able' parts (parts that are meant to display character shadows & parts that are not). First can have lightmaps on second UV and second can have lights baked into textures. That way 'walk-able' parts can use everything a standard, static geometry in CC can use. However, because textures are now also lightmaps, the resolution of textures will be poor unless you use 2048/4096 textures :)

2022-04-01 08:24:07

Use Mixamo to reach these graphics.

2022-04-02 07:56:30

Mixamo has nothing to do with the graphics, it only provides characters and animations. You can use my custom light shader to get those visual results not sure about bloom but for specular lighting and better diffuse lighting, ambient and normal mapping, you can use my Custom light shader.

2022-04-03 06:22:04

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