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Registered User
2018-12-03 22:59:11

Hi all!

A few years ago we have done some work with the Coppercube engine to test things and compare with other engines. Now a few years later we have managed to start our own company working on apps, games, webdesign and other internet services. Since Coppercube is easy in use we have decided to start working with it again:)

I was suprised by how quick i could pick things up again in CC and therefore would like to showcase some simple stuff i created in the past week. (dug up my basic license:P) Please take a look if you are interested: (Live webGL demo) (simple rolling ball with gravity)


-more CC creations on our Youtube channel to find. or goto: (translation options are there)

Glad to be back @ CC

kind regards from the Netherlands.

RB webdiensten

Registered User
2018-12-07 22:42:52

Hi "shadynl",

It´s the same for me, I passed this full year away from CCB (CopperCube) because I have a lot of work and "plus" the school (learning about ADO/POO and programing S.O.), so I will try this end of year (I´m on vacations) to come back and cotiniue learning, testing and creating some stuff on CCB (to apply what I learned on the school).

School was a little hard for me because I´m a little too old (not having all the flexibility and time as when I was younger), but I really now I´m learning several habilities that I expect to apply on future projects...!

For me also CCB is an amazing tool...! I hope on near future use it on more professional way (in some serious projects).

Welcome and let´s go futher..!

*PS... Your example of a snowball rolling-down I thought is very interesting..!

Registered User
2018-12-08 21:39:49

Hey there Crusly,

thank you for the respons :)
I created the rolling snowball because i was scrolling the forum and someone mentioned problems creating a rolling ball. besides that there is tons of stuff u can imagine with a rolling ball so i figured to just give it a try:) i remember an old title from ps1 with a rolling ball that was awesome to play back in the day. that project will be continued...

The thing that has mostly stopped me from creating really good games is the fact i dont have proper 3d animated the past i have bought some but they all had limitations and i had to keep finding work-arounds....or they are expensive as hell...

So... Past 4 days i started using Blender in combination with Makehuman open source software and succeeded to create my own character with animations and textures! Just an hour ago i succesfullly imported the model in coppercube! So from now on ill start making my own 3D models:D

i have put a few samples on my Youtube channel:

Blender is not easy to figure out and there have been a few moments i almost gave up but give it some time, its worth the investment of your time.

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