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2008-12-28 22:07:27

Using irrFuscator to random the URL string, it seem I was still able to decrypt back the original URL link on decompilation testing with Flash Decompiler Trillix.

This is certainly not safe whereas rip "" was appear to be readable code, I wonder if you could either merge or irrFuscator that source as well?

It would be ideal for us to set "number of chars substitute per original char" (with our keywords or random and should be define as a value in rather than appear in every function) and "chars offset" would help to make it harder to decrypt. Where the symbol as well?

Presently, I find it not even worth to purchase at 60+ euro when it still has a long way to go as compare to NitroLM for Flex application.

2008-12-28 22:56:19

Encryption always is unsafe, it doesn't work. But irrfuscator is going the right way, removing symbols instead of trying to encrypt them like a lot of other software does. Irrfuscator's string encryption feature is only an additional feature you may want to activate as far as I understood, and it has discussed many times in this forum that encryption is not useful as most 'copy-protection' demonstrates. Obfsucation as irrfuscator does it is the only thing which works, on symbol level.

I don't know what this Nitro-Thing does, but as it seems, it costs at least 999 dollars, so compared to 60 euro, this is quite a lot :)

2008-12-29 10:09:02

Brumbar is basically right, I wrote a short article about this encryption misconception here:

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