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MXML adobe and packages names
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Registered User
2008-07-04 10:11:59

Hi there,
Great tool and I think that the only way to obfuscate AS3 code is to do it before the compilation time, you can add
so much flexibility.

I'm following the evolution of irr for months and i've tried it many times.
The last problems i've noticed are :

- In mxmls files the namespace has been renamed so the compilation can't pass anymore. I've tried to ignore it but in vain.
- Only the first level of packages names are obfuscated, for ex : transforms into, the ideal would be _ng152._85hn._rr588
- When you are using i library like cairngorm or graniteds, the names associated are renamed so the compilation won't pass, you need to add a lot of item in the ignore list.

Hope it helps
Thanks for your job.

2008-07-04 11:15:23

Thanks for reporting, a solution for the namespaces is planned. And maybe I could add predefined symbol lists for known libraries, would be an idea.
But what did you mean with  
In mxmls files the namespace has been renamed so the compilation can't pass anymore

What is renamed?

Registered User
2008-07-08 15:23:37


At the top level of each MXML file you have a default namespace


with this namespace you can use afterwards the prefix mx: in the code.

After obfuscation i get xmlns:mx="" , www has been dropped.

2008-07-08 16:26:23

Ah, too bad. As workaround, just put 'www' into your ignore list.

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