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update terrain editor (maybe)
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Registered User
2016-08-19 01:15:28

While the terrain editor is great I would like for it to be more like unity or the GM Terrain Editor.

Smooth texture blending and even support for terrain textures that have transparency in them.

2021-09-21 13:20:08

Just been seeing the same problems today with poor texture smoothing and no transparent textures....really needs some TLC from Niko...

2021-09-22 09:21:45

The problem of coppercube is all based on vertex (lighting and paint in the terrain editor), cc need to go on pixel lighting and pixel paint

2021-10-13 13:28:59

Well on this topic of terrain (not texturing) - I created a walking sounds behavior that detects the texture under the player as he walks around and plays the appropriate footstep sounds to match and is dynamic - ie if you retexture a asection will update and use that instead.

see the announcements section for more...

2021-10-15 01:59:49

You know what - I spend days creating a new plugin to calculate terrain slope angles and update the texture according to each slope and it worked...mostly..

used a complex math calculation of finding surface vector normals...yeah, not fun...

Sad thing is that it would not blend textures and so when you select a texture and blend into it - it would remove all the stuff i added in and start would not work with the existing CC tools... damn it...

Registered User
2021-10-15 04:24:23

well, a shame your texture blending didn't work... but at least you figured out how to calculate slope angles using surface vectors. Maybe you could use that to adjust terrain slopes by degrees in real time? Or if you continue to think on it, you might come up with a way to make you texture blending work.

In any case, you have once again came up with an idea most of us wouldn't have even considered. Amazing the things you have come up with over the years....

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