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A lot of trouble with SWCs and general errors

2011-06-09 00:04:33

I'm trying to obfuscate a Flex project with two SWCs, but irrFuscator gives back this error: "Error: Could not open SWC file C:\c2_Games\project_crypt\lib\anotherlib.swc."

I tried adding the two SWCs from both source and target directories to no avail.

Also, with "Strip whitespace" checked, it does not in fact strip whitespaces, just return characters.

When trying to compile obfuscated code I get a lot of errors saying I'm missing key syntax, like colons and braces. I don't get these errors when I uncheck "strip whitespace". Also, when I do have this checked, it puts spaces between Vector<T> like this: "Vector. < T > ;". I'm using UFT-8 encoding and CR+LF line endings. Is that the problem?

Class variables are called like this: "v_sji.@variable", so the variable isn't actually obfuscated. Why?

It won't stop obfuscating TweenMax method calls even though I put in everything I could think of to get it to ignore that package. What am I doing wrong?

In the end, I just can't get this thing to work. Please help.

2011-06-11 06:41:03

About the swc option: It works for me in all cases I've tried, maybe you didn't type the correct path of the .swf file? Or it is locked by another too? Or if not, maybe you could send me the .swc so I can have a look at it?

Strip whitespace usually only strips spaces and tabs. Unfortunately, since irrFuscator is no compiler, it will currently do this also if there is no ';' at the end of a line, those lines then will no longer work. Going to improve this situatation in a future release. Simply always end lines with ;, if the command ends there.

Variables with @ aren't obfuscated because those are also used internally.

Not sure about your TweenMax problem, maybe if you could give me some more details about that?

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