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Please Help - Site broken after migration to new web host

Registered User
2024-04-05 17:05:53

I don't know what to do. I was forced to changed web host because my renewal price went up so expensive.

I had the new host migrate my files. First day fine - second day - site displayed woefully wrong. Now on 3rd day it is still a broken display. They tried to fix and I tried to fix - nothing is working.

It appears that the coding from RC is being read wrong somewhere. Containers that are supposed to be centered on the page are loading sometimes far left and sometimes far right.

Site loads and looks fine in Edge - it's just Chrome that has the problem. I have cleared cache and browsing. I have no active extensions installed.

I deleted my navigation bar and a couple of other things to no avail.

What could this be?

My site is here:

I cannot understand why my site loads and displays just fine in Edge, but not in Chrome. This DID NOT happen until I changed web host earlier this week.

Registered User
2024-04-05 17:07:08

Is there anyway to code a container to float center and not left or right? Without hard coding.

Registered User
2024-04-05 17:09:55

Sorry - I forgot. Here's my site:

Registered User
2024-04-06 05:40:19

The site looks fine to me...?

Registered User
2024-04-06 05:56:37

in FireFox, no problems.

Rick Owens
2024-04-06 17:34:07

Thank you. I found the problem. Somehow my Chrome browser got corrupted. I uninstalled it and installed a new one and problem is gone.

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