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Can't rename pages after 85 pages

Registered User
2024-03-13 16:20:40

My project currently has 85 page files. When I add the 86th page and attempt to rename it, it does not work. The name stays the same. It happens if I create the new page from empty or if I copy an existing page.

This is a problem for me because my complete project will have about 250 pages and I need the pages to be logically named instead of UntitledPage1, UntitledPage11, UntitledPage111, etc.

Is there a limit to the number of pages allowed in a RocketCake project file? I've seen no reference to any such limitation.

Anybody got any ideas? I searched the forum and came up with nothing.

Registered User
2024-03-13 16:24:00

Okay, again, I guess I fixed the problem by accident. I re-sorted the page list and now I can rename pages.

RocketCake is a little janky, but so far it's doing what I need it to do.

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