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One of possible ways to fix broken animation import

Registered User
2024-03-02 07:33:58

Well, after some time, I finally was able to fix broken animations on two models from Blender - one being the pistol re-animation attempt, other being the heavy trooper (I made a post about its broken animations a while ago). Not sure if it works with every model and every animation, still gonna try it on some more, but it might be something if you've previously deleted some bones from your characters armature.

So, the way I fixed it was to delete vertex groups of the model that have no correlating bones. In my case, there were some empty vertex groups that were probably left from first iterations of models I made (in year 2021 or 2022, I guess), which also explains why I did not have this issue at first. So, if you are experiencing the same problem, something like that might help.

In the end, I guess all those problems I had with could be partially on me, but it still does not explain why other programs opened those models (with "broken" animations) just fine.

2024-03-10 16:26:20

Thanks for sharing!!

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