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Which of these games would you rather play?

Registered User
2024-01-26 23:47:45

So would you rather play a modern police simulator where you stop people from robbing houses and stores ect, or where your a sheriff in the 1800s and you stop crime in the same way?

If you’d like the sheriff game more could you give me some level ideas?

Registered User
2024-01-27 06:39:56

Either way, the game would have to be a 3PP (3rd Person Perspective), not an FPS, for me to play it.

But, if I were to suggest ideas, for the 1800's Sheriff version, watch westerns. Watch "The Quick and The Dead". Watch "Tombstone" (the one with Val Kilmer), etc. Start looking for western/1800's 3D assets that are compatible with CopperCube. Picture yourself BEING there. Craft an initial storyline and then craft the game to match it, as close as possible. The world is your oyster, in CopperCube!

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