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3d sounds seem to report the wrong playback position

Registered User
2024-01-02 13:04:25

when playing sounds as 2d and 3d when playing 3d it seems reporting little over half of where it actually is compared to 2d sounds is this a known issue?

2024-03-09 21:56:45

I didn't understand what you mean?

2D is played direct to the main cam.
3D is played in a radius. If you want a 3D sound hear all the time you kann make it as a child on the main cam.

There is also a difference between wav and mp3. If you want to have a fading 3D sound which is relativ to the distance of the main cam you should use wav.

Thats my experience with sounds in copper cube.

2024-03-10 16:31:52

@Chrisz, this post is not related to Coppercube. I beleive the OP was asking the question regarding irrKlang, which is a sound engine by @Ambiera, it's a totally different product.

@mrdingle, I am not sure but can you please check the left and right balance of your speaker, sometimes 3D sounds might sound off due to balance of speakers. I am not sure but I don't think I face any issues like that when using 3D sounds.

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