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save/load position?

Registered User
2023-06-01 22:04:44

the position of a scene object must be saved as a variable.
the object should be moved to the location of this variable saved without collision. how to do this with javascript?

I write this but don't work:

save behavior:

var player=ccbGetSceneNodeFromName("Camera1");
var curPos=ccbGetSceneNodeProperty(player,"Position");

load behavior:

var player=ccbGetSceneNodeFromName("Camera1");
var savePosition =ccbGetCopperCubeVariable("savePosition");
ccbSetSceneNodePositionWithoutCollision(player, savePosition);

please anyone make this script for me :)

2023-06-02 11:16:48

I can't do coding at all but this line doesn't look correct:

var savePosition =ccbGetCopperCubeVariable("savePosition");

Also, you've introduced spaces before the savePosition variables on some lines of code and not on others. Coppercube will see them as different variables if just a single character is different.

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