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Registered User
2023-03-25 02:26:36

Hey guys!

I developed a small non-commercial Star Wars fan game!

I'm passionate about the franchise and I made this game as a tribute to this great work!

The game is a collection of mini games with fps, space combat, exploration and so on.

Some of his challenges are endless games and others with defined objectives.

The minigames are simple and still not polished, some games still have some small bugs and tweaks to do, but they are already very cool and fun to play!

Have fun and may the force be with you.


2023-03-25 06:40:37

A great start and liked the variations in your game...I suggest you allow the easier ones first to be done and lock the others until completed in a set order.

I dominated the X-Wing one with killer side stepping and backwards movements - score 12,500


The robot one - have the camera face the other way - ie the way the C3PO droid is walking as ended up walking backwards to see where to go...

The water craft on - bit hard to connect the laser accurately but enjoyable sound effects. I would make all flying modes with higher background sound effects of the engine.

High score was a good idea though. cheers !

Registered User
2023-03-25 14:24:47

Hi Robbo, thanks to play my game and thanks for the suggestions!

You reached a very good score in the X-wing Battle!

I will see about the sugestions, thanks!

Registered User
2023-04-04 20:27:08

Hi guys!

I updated the game, I just made some adjustment in the musics and sounds effects of some levels.

In this game some levels are easy, just collect items and in the others levels is a endless combat with high hardcore dificult!

the hardest level and more fun in my opinion is the X wing Space combat and A wing combat in the Rebel assault above the sea, that you can't touch the enime ships!

Play and try to beat the highscore!

2023-04-07 17:21:04

Some really great ideas in there, good variety of levels too. The Pod-racing is great. Nice game. Will you be developing it further?

Registered User
2023-04-09 21:37:01

Thanks VP! I really glad you liked! the pod-racing is one of my favorites Yes! Not now, I'm developing a new project, but yes, further I want to improve the levels, add some elements in the graphics and maybe add new levels!

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