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Shadowmapping in coppercube?

2023-03-19 02:20:33

I was wondering if it's possible to have shadowmaps in coppercube, considering we now have a render-to-texture scripting feature. If it is possible, I would be very thankful if anyone could help me to implement this feature into my project.

2023-03-19 02:45:08

Coppercube already has inbuilt shadow maps, if you want you can turn on realtime shadows and it will do the shadowmapping for you. Also if you wan you can use lightmaps for static world and then use realtime shadows for animated object.

2023-03-19 03:08:42

I know about the built-in shadowmaps, but I was talking about a custom solution, considering the built-in realtime shadows are ugly and very intensive on performance, and I want my project to be as well-optimized as possible, so the default shadows are not a viable option. Also I'm aware of the lightmapper, but I need the realtime shadows to be mixed with lightmaps, which is currently not possible in CopperCube.

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