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Shoot Action in CopperCube

Registered User
2023-03-18 21:04:38

I am trying to use the Shoot Action in CopperCube to shoot at the Player from an Enemy, I have a bullet object, but when I use the Shoot action on the enemy and I set the bullet as the bullet scene node (not Direct Hit - no bullet) and I set the bullet to shoot from the "Enemy Scene Node", I noticed the bullet is not meeting the player but the bullet is shooting. I tried enabling the option to "Shoot to Camera Target" as my Player has a 3rd Person Camera attached to it, so it has a Target but its not working too. Pls note that my Player and Enemy has "Game Actor" behavior so I have setup the Enemy to attack the Player using Tags and I have used "Action on Attack" to shoot for the Enemy too. I'm guessing I'm supposed to adjust "Addition Shoot rotation" and "Addition shoot displacement" but I really don't know how these parameters work and how I can tweak the values for the bullet to meet the Player. I tried tweaking the values a little bit but the enemy bullet still didn't meet the player.

Registered User
2023-03-18 21:07:06

I also tried attaching the enemy to an empty cube and made the bullet shoot from the Cube, but this didn't work too. It is shooting but the bullet is not meeting the player.
Another thing to note is that the Enemy is a drone so its not on the ground in the game but flies in the air while the Player is on the floor in the game

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