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Left handed bug

Registered User
2023-03-04 21:36:25

*Sorry, posted in wrong section*

If you google "can't shoot while moving" - you'll see many people encountering the exact same problem. Turns out it's a windows system-driver problem which only happens with certain laptops running certain software - coppercube being one of them

Sound strange but there appears to be a bug in Coppercube... if you're left-handed.

I have my mouse set to left handed. When I run a game that uses the 1st person camera, I can't shoot while I'm moving - only when stationary.

If I set my mouse to right-handed, or if I press 'alt', it works fine (can shoot while walking).

I guess the Coppercube API is looking for a hardware ID for the mouse-clicks, rather than the assigned keycode?

A workaround (if you're confident enough to do it) is to take your laptop apart and re-solder the connections of the touchpad buttons to swap left-for-right- or learn to use your right-hand instead (feels really awkward) - or plug in a USB mouse and disable the touchpad completely. Any chance of a software fix/update for us lefties please? Thanks.


2023-03-04 23:37:28

Fixed it!

There's an entire history of problems with synaptic drivers - one of their updates decided to disable mouse-clicks for 3 seconds after any key is been pressed.

After reading through forum suggestions, I installed http://tp_Synaptics_v19_3_4_193_...
and it fixed the problem.

Good to know if anyone else encounters the same problem - it'll be a problem for Coppercube users who have an MSI/Dell/Lenovo etc laptop and like to keep their drivers up-to-date.

That explains why first person games weren't working for me - couldn't shoot with mouse click if key was pressed.

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