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Spritesheet Extension update

2023-02-28 19:47:41

Just update the Spritesheet Extension with a whole new codebase, was thinking to do it for a long time, but was busy enough with C++ thing, recently @hadoken posted his extensions and he also had spritesheet extension. So, I thought of updating mine as well, with the polygon editing API approach instead of shader based. You can still download the shader one as well.

The extension has the same functionality as the shader-based one but is being developed on polygon editing API.

It now works on OpenGL and DirectX both.

Also allows having inbuilt lighting and real-time shadows.

Don't follow strict rules for the sprite object. Works with any kind of non-animated 3D object. The Shader version works with animated objects as well.

Allows changing of parameters during runtime with the help of variables just like before, a new parameter to toggle animation "Looping" on and off has been added along with the variable support.

variables now use different names. they now have a"sprite" prefix.




The extension now uses a new naming format as I mentioned in another thread, from now on all the extensions will have this format to have multiple versions of the extensions.

Usage of the extension is the same as the previous versions, some unwanted parameters like "Base Material" and "Affect all the materials" have been removed as they don't make much sense with this version.

Hope you like this update :)

2023-03-02 19:39:28

just posted a hotfix update that fixes a bug, when executing the action multiple times on the same node, it wasn't updating the animation properties for that sprite node.

This hotfix, fix this issue and the action will update the animation accordingly. Please update with this new extension and replace it with the previous download.

Thanks to @Wilfree my Discord member for reporting the issue.

Registered User
2023-03-06 15:13:26


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