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(Feature Request): Publish To Local Disk with Custom Subdirectory (like /styles) for external CSS and fonts

Registered User
2023-01-21 05:32:11

Hello Ambiera and Mr. Niko,

Can I mention another problem that I am having?

I have many separate html pages (over 3,000), so instead of keeping everything in the root directory, I use subdirectories to keep things organized...

For example, I use folders like /styles /images /2021 /2022

I also upload my own fonts (to the /styles folder) so that non-Windows visitors can read text that looks similar to Tahoma, Verdana, etc.

So this issue may not affect most users, but I hope that it is worth your time to consider implementing...

For the sake of keeping my website organized, and being unsure how to go about editing multiple older html pages (that already point to the /styles folder) without breaking things -- it is not so easy for me to just move all the CSS and Local Fonts back to the root directory (which RocketCake by default publishes external CSS files to).

So my problem is:

When RocketCake publishes the separate CSS to Local Disk, the images will load correctly, but the Local Fonts will not. However, when I move the CSS file to the /styles folder, the Fonts will load correctly, but the images will not display...

So my workaround is to use a third-party program to Search & Replace within each published external CSS as follows:



This way the CSS knows to go back one directory level, in order to locate the /images folder.

> > >

Therefore I would really appreciate it if you can add a new feature where we can specify a custom folder name (like /styles for example), where all the external CSS files created by RocketCake can be placed into, when we use "Publish to local disk" ???

Similar to how we can specify a directory for images? I hope such a feature will not be too difficult to implement? As this would solve many headaches for me.

Thanks again for reading and considering my request, have a great day!

Registered User
2023-01-21 15:18:43

...and then roll this into the update that let's us define different image folders on a per-page basis, instead of site-wide. :)

2023-01-22 06:31:53

Yes, that would be indeed useful. The next update will have some better support for linking folders directly, but not for the things mentioned in your post. But I'll think of a way to do that and see if that can be added too.

Registered User
2023-01-24 20:39:49

I look forward to custom directory support for CSS and fonts, and additional folder support for images as ivarforkbeard mentioned.

Thank you very much!

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