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(Feature Request): Preserving Upper-Cases When Publish To Local Disk

Registered User
2023-01-19 21:46:41

Hello Ambiera,

I like your software very much, it makes webdesign work much easier for me, without having to rely on load-heavy CMS like Wordpress, while giving me lots of design freedom and customizability!

I have been using Rocketcake for more than a year now, having transitioned over from a much older webdesigner called Yahoo Sitebuilder, which I had been using for years.

But I am now having a recurring problem each time I am ready to publish, because many of my older html uses UPPER case -- but when RocketCake publishes to local disk, it CONVERTS everything to LOWER case, even if I used UPPER case within RocketCake (like TableOfContents), but when published to disk becomes: tableofcontents.

When this happens and I upload to my webhost provider, the links to the older html are then broken, due to their server being case sensitive!

Therefore each time I need to update my website, I have to use a third-party program to manually search and replace within every affected file to restore back the removed UPPER CASES needed for the hyperlinks to work on my website host!

Within RocketCake: as I cannot import or easily convert those older html files, so I have resort to a workaround where I add those file names as blank html files, which I can then reference, when I use the Insert Hyperlink > "Page in this project" > which allows me to use a Relative link (rather than "Website" > which uses an Absolute link or full address).

Using "Page in this project" is very useful for me, because I have HTML, Custom CSS, Fonts and Images in subdirectories, like /styles /images -- and allows me to hyperlink to my older html files.

> > >

Which now leads me to my main question-request:

Can you please implement a feature within RocketCake that allows us to preserve UPPER-CASE letters in our exported HTML files, when we use "Publish To Local Disk" ???

Because that would save me a lot of time, from having to manually Search & Replace within each HTML to restore the upper-case hyperlinks, so that the intra-hyperlinks (or links to other html pages within my website) do not get broken...

Thank you very much for reading my post and considering my request , and apologies for how lengthy it is, but I think a full explanation is needed, to make it clear why this feature request is worth adding to RocketCake !!

Registered User
2023-01-19 23:58:22

As a workaround, you could access the respective old files on the server with a FTP client, e.g. FileZilla, and rename them to lower case.

2023-01-20 08:43:48

Makes sense, thanks for posting this. Will likely add an option for this in the next update of RocketCake.

Registered User
2023-01-21 05:24:48

I am very glad to hear your positive response!

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