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Masterpages tutorial is lacking

Registered User
2023-01-19 19:59:16

I have the free version and plan to but the Pro version and have been working on a new site using a template and want to save as a masterpage but when I do I get lost trying to create new pages. The tutorial needs to list step-by-step instructions on how to use an existing template, modify it, and then save as masterpage. I have done this several times and then get lost trying to create added pages.

Registered User
2023-01-20 02:14:25

If the template you want to use has just one page (the index.html) add a new page (copy of index.html) and rename it into masterpage.html.
Replace the content you don't want to have on the masterpage with a placeholder.
From the index.html delete the content which will be provided from the masterpage.
Create further individual pages as copies from index.html.
Link all individual pages with the masterpage.
Edit the navigation on the masterpage to have links to all individual pages.

Registered User
2023-01-21 20:05:22

Thanks, I finally figured out using masterpages after many failed attempts.

Today, I saved a "connect.html" page using masterpage1.html that has worked for several other pages, and the preview only shows the content and not the masterpage1 template. I previewed several other existing pages that used masterpage1.html and they only show the content and not the template. All worked OK yesterday and earlier today. I closed RC and reopened and the same problem exists. I resaved masterpage1.html and same thing. What could have caused this problem? How to I fix?

Registered User
2023-01-21 20:24:17

Found a fix: Created new page using copy of masterpage1.html and it was automatically named masterpage11.html

Opened an existing page that used the masterpage1.html and saved it using masterpage11.html and now the preview works! javascript:insertBuBCode('')

Registered User
2023-01-27 03:15:48

Preview works but printing is a problem. Header prints on page 1 with white space below, and actual content starts on page 2-3 but not all of it prints.

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