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Coppercube as retro 3d engine?

2023-01-04 13:30:28

Random thought: There are alot of engines nowaday with modern techniques, so trying to catch up is kind of hard. So, how about doing the opposite, focusing on support oldschool techniques, tips and tricks to create retro games? I'm sure there's niche for this type of game.

- Better Light backing: the light baking of the engine is bad and you can't bake something like specular/shininess, many people would rather use dynamic lighting... improving is a must...

- Vertex color painting: CC already have polygon editing and uv mapping system that most engine doesn't has, improve them a little bit and them add features like reading vertex color from model file, painting color to the vertex would be great.

- Inbuilt shaders: and of course shaders that make game look retro...

- Blob shadow

- Fake fur shading (shadow of the colossus): this blog has alot of information about of oldschool techniques in ps2:

- Doomstyle bilboard

- Simple waypoint graph pathfinding: since this is an easy game engine, it should already has something like this

- Game controller support

- Ect...

* Another things in my personal opinion is ditching android and focus more on webgl/webgpu instead, since catching up android api is a pain in the ass, and web game could be convert to mobile apps.

2023-01-04 13:41:22

I think Doom Builder 2 has a very decent level editor.

Registered User
2023-01-06 14:29:06

Good idea!

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