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RocketCake Change Log

A list of changes of every RocketCake version

RocketCake 5.4 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

  • XML Sitemaps
    There is now support for XML sitemaps:
    Get the XML Sitemap component and put it onto any of your pages - then a sitemap for your whole website will be automatically generated.
    Note that this only works on the Pro edition of RocketCake since this is a component - and these only work in RocketCake Pro.

  • Slideshow improvements
    • You can now set a vertical center alignment for images drawn in covered mode. This is 'center' by default now.
    • Slideshows with fixed aspect ratio can now also be easily adjusted in size in the editor
    • There is now a new action which can be added to hpyerlinks and buttons for pausing/restarting the slideshow

  • Project color selection
    The color selection dialog now automatically also shows the 14 most popular colors in the project.

  • Advanced word break support
    New features for controlling word breaks more easily:
    • Non breaking space characters are now displayed (as underline _ character) when selecting the "show invisible characters" option
    • Added support for soft hypens (­) so you can manually insert hyphens where you want them to appear. You can right-click any text, select "insert text symbol -> soft hyphen" to insert them. They appear in the editor as normal hyphens but are marked when the "show invisible characters" option is turned on.
    • Added support for word break opportunity characters (<wbr>) so you can manually insert word breaks in long words, so that the browser break the word at that place. You can right-click any text, select "insert text symbol -> word break opportunity" to insert them. They appear in the editor as invisible but are marked when the "show invisible characters" option is turned on.

  • Rotation of JPGs via EXIF information is now supported
    If you import an image directly taken with your camera or phone, and the orientation of the image was stored using EXIF information, the image will now correctly rotated show up in the editor as well.

  • When selecting tables (click on the border of the table) it is now possible to change the fonts and colors of all cells at the same time
  • Larger Icons for high resolution screens

  • Search engine component now uses the user selected font settings for the search result pages
  • In dark mode on macOS, icons are now better readable
  • A new scripting function named "rcAddFileWithTextContent" can now be used to write out additional files when publishing your website. See the scripting documentation for more info about this.
  • When inserting text between two elements, the text now gets the same text alignment as the two elements.
  • Various smaller improvements here and there.

RocketCake 5.3.1 released

This is a free update of RocketCake with mostly smaller improvements. You can
download it here. Changes:

  • Improved Animated GIF support - animated gifs encoded with some special optimizers can now be loaded as well
  • The password protection feature now recognizes web servers with poorly configured PHP session memory paths and warns the user
  • Added turkish translation - Thanks to Tayfur Yaldız!

RocketCake 5.3 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

  • New supported device types:
    • Apple iPhone 15
    • Apple iPhone 15 Plus
    • Google Pixel 6
    • Samsung Galaxy A12
  • New downloadable components:

    • Sidebar Menu
      Shows an animated sidebar menu when the user clicks onto a button with a smooth transition effect.
      Menu entries can be added and deleted when selecting the outer "Sidebar control" container in RocketCake. Entering the text "-" creates an empty entry in order to be able to group entries nicely.
    • Search Engine
      There is now a search engine component available for download from the component download page:
      Simply put the component on a page and it will let your visitors search your whole website. This doesn't use any index, so it is only fast for small websites.
      Note: This search engine will return results from all pages in your project, no matter if they are password protected or not.
      You can exclude pages from the search by entering them in the list of excluded pages.
      You can adjust the font and design of the result page by formatting the text "The search result will be displayed in here." - this text won't show up on your website.

    • Simple Age Verification
      A simple age verification component to ask wether the user has a certain age. If clicked yes, the popup is removed for the whole website. If no, the user can be redirected to a special page. If you click click "Yes", the popup won't appear again. For testing, to make it appear again, remove the local storage key "ageConfirmationOverlay" under Application -> LocalStorage in the developer tools of your browser, or just delete and clear all browser settings.
  • Simpler Property values editing
    The property window doesn't need pressing ENTER after changes anymore. Clicking into another window now will commit your changes by default.

  • Advanced <a> attributes
    Links can now be created using some advanced attributes. The following are now supported:
    - rel: For adding attributes like rel="nofollow"
    - title: For adding tooltips for the link when hovering it
    - id: For adding ids to all links
    - download: For marking a link to let the browser download the target instea of opening it
    Use the "advanced" tab in the link creation dialog to create these.

  • Extensions to the scripting API
    so you can now create even more advanced downloadable components:
    - the function rcWriteCode now has an additional optional parameter to make it possible to disable HTML Encoding when writing out code.
    - Properties can now have arrays, for example to set a list of URLs, like this:
    <propertyarray maxEntries="*">
    <item type="string" name="file" />
    <item type="string" name="link" />
    <item type="bool" name="open" />

  • Lots of smaller improvements
    • The password protection mechanism now supports special symbols and unicode characters.
    • RocketCake extension components now also supports unicode characters everywhere.
    • When the 'X' on the tooltip ballon about the responsive slider on the bottom of the editor is clicked, it is now stored as well globally that this tooltip won't be shown again.
    • On macOS, buttons and elements with rounded corners look nicer in the editor now (there have been some aliasing artifacts on some systems)
    • On some systems on macOS, the color picker dialog didn't work correctly when positioned to overlap special windows, that is fixed now
    • Fixed a bug which might cause a potential crash when using downloadable components with localized French text
    • Hovering the mouse over a link directly embedded into the page now also shows the link target in a tooltip
    • Some template updates:
      • TechCompany template now uses the right aligned menu and works nicely with the new sidebar menu as well
      • Fixed a problem in the "Food" template (which is now renamed to "Flowerfield")

RocketCake 5.2.1 released!

This is a free update for the macOS version of RocketCake with mostly improvements for the just released macOS Sonoma. You can
download it here. Changes:

Support for case sensitive file systems like "APFS case-sensitive"
  • GUI updates: Some key shortcuts like the DELETE key stopped working sometime on Sonoma
  • Added instructions in case you get a "Safari can't open the page" error message

RocketCake 5.2 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

Extension components
RocketCake now supports scriptable extension components which add more functionality. You can download these
from the website or even create them on your own (see the documentation).

To download them, click the "Download more" button on the component list in RocketCake.
  • There are already a few components available:

    • Simple contact form
      a simple component with a configurable contact form which doesn't require any programming
    • Cookie overlay
      Shows a cookie overlay on the website, displaying a user selected text.
    • Summary and Details
      Shows a summary / details text on the website, that the user can view or hide by a click
    • Upload and send file
      A form for selecting and uploading a file to the website which then gets sent to an email address
    • Print button
      Button which prints the page when clicked, and doesn't appear itself on the printed page
    • Marquee
      Shows a old school marquee element which scolls area of text.

  • Better Multi-Display support
    RocketCake is now aware when you are using multiple monitors / displays:
    The modal and non-modal color dialog for example is now placed automatically so that it's on the display you are working on and automatically trying not to overlap the element you are modifying while still not trying to overlap the display border.

  • New free website template
    Gardening service:
  • Lots of other smaller useful improvements
    • The "Add a copy of an existing page" feature now lists existing pages with the folder path which is usefue when editing large websites
    • The 'next' and 'previous' buttons in the image gallery now have css classes 'galleryprevbutton' and 'gallerynextbutton' so you can style them easily yourself.
    • Text edit field now also supports "file" as input mode so you can build file input forms
    • Checkboxes in property window on Windows in highdpi mode now look nicer
    • Large images now look a lot sharper in the editor when using HDPI displays
    • Fixed a problem causing the navigation menu to jump sometimes in the editor while typing
    • RocketCake is now 64bit by default (it was a 32 bit app by default for a long time). You can still use the 32 bit app by downloading that one from the download page.
    • Dragging images into buttons now automatically sets the correct alignment for the image
    • Default JavaScript code editing window size is now nicer on HDPI systems
    • Updated webP for a security fix
    • And a lot more

RocketCake 5.1 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

SVG support
You can now include SVG files in your websites just like other images. The difference to normal images is that SVG files are vector graphics and scale automatically, so they look nice at any resolution. In the editor SVG animations, svg texts and some other special svg features might not show up, but they will on the previewed and final websites.

  • Images in Navigation menus
    You can now use images in your navigation menus. Together with the SVG support, you can now for example use nicely styled hamburger menus or other symbols easily.

  • Shortcut for moving menu entries: You can now use Shift+PageUp and Shift+PageDown to move menu entries quickly
  • Two open / close modes for navigation menu
    You can now select if a navigation menu will close when clicked on it again, or open via mouse hovering on desktop or not. In the property window of the menu, select "Advanced Settings".
    There, set the new option "OpenCloseWhenClicked" to whatever mode you prefer. Some people find it more natural with the second mode, so that you can easily close the menu again by clicking on the top menu.
  • The font of web form elements can now be only changed using the font selection box, just like with all other elements. The property window doesn't have any entries for fonts anymore now for these elements.
  • More invalid macOS magic quotes replacements and filters are now detected and replaced automatically in HTML/Javascript/PHP code
  • New website template: Gardening
  • In the preview of the buttons when creating a new button on a HDPI display, the captions are now centered correctly.
  • Fixed a case where the checkbox "don't show this message again" didn't have an effect on some systems when resizing images or previewing websites

RocketCake 5.0.1 released!

This is a free update with minor new features and a few improvements and bug fixes. You can
download it here.

  • When right-clicking onto a menu item, the 'delete' menu entry now works again
  • When menu animations are not needed, viewport size of the page is reduced now
  • Minor fixes here and there

RocketCake 5.0 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes a lot of new features. You can
download it here.
Note that if you are using the professional edition, you need to
upgrade your license, but there is a discount for existing users.
New in this release:

  • Realtime color changes
    When clicking on the color buttons to change the color for example of the selected text, the dialog is now non-modal (= you don't need to click on OK or Cancel anymore) and reflects the changes you've made in realtime now - while you select a color or type a HTML color code. Clicking anywhere else will apply the changes, and you can click Undo to undo them again.
    This works for most color selection buttons in the editor now, so it is much easier to adjust the design of your website.
  • WebP support
    Added webP support: Images in the WebP format can also now be used with RocketCake. WebP is an image file format which is getting more popular and is now supported by mostly all browsers.

  • New free website templates
    Like the 'Agency' and 'Paper Planning' template

  • Menu Animation
    The navigation menu now has two built-in animations: "Fade" and "animate height". Enable them using the "MenuAnimations" checkbox in the property window for the menu.
  • Apple Silicon support
    RocketCake now also runs natively on Apple Silicon, wihout the need for Rosetta

  • Drag an Drop support from Explorer/Finder
    You can now drag files like images, pdf documents and videos directly from the Explorer and Finder into the web editor, making it much faster to create nice web designs.

  • Date Picker
    Since this is now supported in many browsers, there is now a new element available: the date picker. You can use it in contact forms and similar to let your users pick a date.

  • Aligned navigation menus
    RocketCake now includes the option to easily create right and center aligned navigation menus.
    This was possible previously only using a few hacks - previously menus were all left aligned - but now it is a simple option you only need to select in the menu properties.

  • Link folders
    It is now possible to link folders created within rocketcake via the hyperlink dialog.
    This is useful if you want to include special folders and just link to the folder root instead of a document or page within that folder. For this, simply select a folder instead of a page as target in the dialog.

  • Hover effect for images
    Images can now have hover effects: Changing the brightness. This is useful when using images as links.

  • Multi-Select for image galleries and slideshows
    You can now add multiple images for slideshows and image galleries with a single dialog:
    When selecting images to add to your element, in the file selection dialog, hold down ctrl and select more than one image. All selected images will then be added.

  • HTML 5 Video with poster images
    You can select an image for HTML 5 Video elements which is shown when the video has not been started or loaded yet.

  • New built-in websafe fonts:
    Handwriting style - ("Segoe Print, Bradley Hand, Chilanka [...]")
    Industrial style - ("Bahnschrift, DIN Alternate, Franklin Gothic Medium [...]")

  • Lots of other smaller new changes and features:
    • You can now set alternate texts for images in image galleries. This is useful for SEO purposes:
      Just check the "AlternateText" checkbox for the gallery and you can enter alt text for every image.
    • The button generation dialog now has a few more button styles and is now resizable.
    • Link target preview tooltips also now work nicely with sub folders
    • Various improvments for using the editor on highDPI screens
    • Generated HTML Code for bullet lists has been improved
    • Web form buttons now also support hover styles
    • The element selection dialog (like in the hyperlink creation dialog) now restores its last set size which is useful for large projects
    • It's now possible to directly right-click into text and edit its properties like changing hyperlinks etc without needing to select the text with left before
    • Preview images of templates are now bigger by default
    • Added support for Samsung Galaxy S22
    • Overlong menu entries are now also supported and easily editable in the editor
    • All the elements in the toolset on the right now have tooltips with a short description on what the element does exactly
    • The HTML and JavaScript code editor now works more nicely with unix style line breaks also on Windows
    • Video elements and PDF files now show their file name in the editor
    • Generated CSS style class names are now a bit easier to read
    • Image Galleries now use code to remove CLS (= cumulative layout shifts)
    • When using image galleries with no border but hover styles for hovering the border, the gallery no longer flickers
    • Font preview in font selection combobox now shows font as it was selected in the browser if the first few font families are not available in the os but others are

RocketCake 4.8 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

Font rendering and selection of fonts not available on the system has been reworked and works now much more similar to what most browsers are doing
  • 16 new built-in templates, all website templates have been modernized:
    • higher quality images
    • modernized design

When using the new feature to move the entries in slideshows and image galleries up and down easily, optional description texts for these images are now also moved as well.

  • Showing invalid fonts (=non-existing) on macos looks now nicer
The default breakpoints for galleries changing the amount of image columns has now been set to a bit larger default values - adjusting to the now average larger phone screen sizes.
  • Small fixes for Windows 11 22H2 and macOS Monterey
Text shadow rendering now faster on some systems
  • HTML Code editor now has a mode for old, very slow systems, making text drawing very fast there as well

RocketCake 4.7 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

Added support for the iPhone 14
  • The editor now shows the 5 most used font families by default in the top of the font selection:

  • New free built-in template:

  • There is now a command to sort folders and files alphabetically descending or ascending. This makes it easier to organize larger website projects:

  • You can now right-click image lists in slideshows and image galleries to move the entries up and down easily:

  • It is now possible more easily to rearrange folders by dragging them onto pages or other folders.
  • Inline PHP code now also works correctly when there are multiple code sections of inline PHP in one container.
    (This is about the inline PHP code feature of the Pro edition: You can type directly PHP tags like "<?PHP" and "?>" anywhere and the code gets emitted like that without encoding)
  • The 'x' button for closing images opened from galleries now has an own class name ("galleryclosebutton") so you can manually style it if you want to.
  • Several improvements for the HTML code generation

RocketCake 4.6 released!

This is a free update with minor new features and a few improvements and bug fixes. You can
download it here.

  • Added a few new default web safe font families like Gill Sans, Century Gothic, Baskerville, and Segoe (although the latter isn't available on macOS, but still has an alternative set)
  • Fixed a problem which caused the font family combo box to stop working on some systems when typing into it directly.
    Now you can enter your own fonts manually again if you were affected by this.
  • The color selection dialog can now also be closed by pressing ENTER
  • Fixed a few translation errors
  • Fixed a problem on highDPI displays when using multiple monitors
  • Small improvements everywhere

RocketCake 4.5 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.


  • CLS support and SEO improvements
    RocketCake now supports techniques to reduce CLS (= cumulative layout shifts). A better CLS value of your website might also likely cause better search result performance.
    You don't need to do anything with your website for this feature to work, just normally click "publish" and upload your website.
    Websites created with RocketCake 4.5 automatically use this feature.

  • Option to show invisible characters
    It is now possible to let the editor show new lines, tabs and whitespace by toggling the view for showing invisible characters.
    This makes it now much easier to debug your layouts and find out how your responsive design behavies in different circumstances.

  • Improved unicode and emoji support
    - Fixed a problem causing comma separators in chinese text not to be correctly encoded sometimes in the HTML
    - Fixed a bug causing some special emojis like 'FACE WITH MEDICAL MASK' (U+1F637) not to show up correctly in generated webpages
  • When using vertically merged table cells, the cell now automatically grows correctly with the entered content
  • Added an overwrite prompt warning when saving over existing files
  • Fixed a problem causing errors like "Activation context generation failed" to appear in the windows event log when RocketCake was started.
  • Fixed a problem causing RocketCake to hang sometimes when deleting a row in a complex table
  • Fixed a problem causing the previous color picker HTML Code to "shine through" sometimes on some Windows 11 systems
  • Various other small improvements everywhere

RocketCake 4.4 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.


  • Better compatibility with some modern FTP servers
  • The editor is now able to store the positions of its docked/undocked windows. There is now an option so that it will startup again exactly as you arranged the docked windows during your last session. The default for this new option is to behave like before: RocketCake won't remember the position of the windows. You have to check this option to make it active first.
  • The editor now uses autoscrolling to current text and/or marker position and is now easier to use that way for larger websites.
  • The editor now correctly calculates word breaks also for texts in the languages Chinese, Japanese and Korean
  • Fixed a problem with the cursor blinking not clearly sometimes on some highdpi displays
  • Syntax highlighting color in the HTML code editor has been adjusted a bit
  • The edit hyperlink button is no longer disabled when there is no option to place a hyperlink, instead a message box will appear now instead.
  • Tabs on macOS now look much nicer
  • The slideshow element doesn't animate the first image shown anymore
  • Lots of smaller improvements everywhere

RocketCake 4.3 released!

This is a free update with new features and minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.


  • Overall improved code generation everywhere
  • Added support for iPhone 13 Pro
  • Added support for 'tel:' and 'sms:' hyperlinks
  • Property window now is more compact when using scaled resolutions in windows
  • Recent file list now updates priority also when choosen from menu
  • Improved HTML code generated for large responsive images layed out directly in the document
  • New web links now use "https://" as default instead of the outdated "http://"
  • Fixed a bug causing the editor to start up in a too large window on scaled resolutions without highDPI
  • About dialog now looks nicer on non-high-DPI screens
  • Various smaller improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing mobile menus not to appear sometimes when used together with a master page in certain circumstances

RocketCake 4.2.1 released!

This is a service update with some minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.


  • Better compatibility with macOS Big Sur: On some systems, RocketCake would crash at start up. This is fixed now.
  • Japanese translation improved
  • Windows installer now is localized and no longer only english
  • Fixed a bug in Windows highDPI causing menus not to be shown at the correct position sometimes in the generated website

RocketCake 4.2 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes a lot of new features. You can
download it here.
New in this release:

  • HighDPI support
    When using Windows, RocketCake now supports HighDPI displays. You get a lot sharper rendered controls and the high resolution HTML editor. On macOS, RocketCake already supported Retina displays for some time now.

  • Image size quick view
    When hovering over an image, the tooltip now shows useful information about it: It's name, dimension and the current size it is shown at.
    This makes it very easy to optimize your image sizes for various screen types.
  • HTML language support
    You can now set the language of a page using the new "Language" setting for each page.
    This results in the top html tag being written like for example
    <html lang="en">
    if you specify "en" as language. This only works in the professional edition of RocketCake.

  • License key management for organizations
    If you want to use RocketCake on a PC with the same license key used by many users, this is now possible, too:
    Simply start RocketCake once as administrator and register your key using the menu Help -> Register.
    Then the key then is stored per machine (as prev iously only per user) and RocketCake can be used by any user using that machine.
  • Embedded PDF documents now fit the first page of the PDF document to the height of the device.
    Also, the documentation in the manual now shows how you can easily make your PDF document be scrollable on iOS devices as well, although Safari on iOS doesn't support this feature.
  • Websites opened in RocketCake now automatically get focussed in the property window, making it easier to change their property values.
  • The list of master pages now also works nicely with subfolders: If you have a large website with lots of pages in sub folders, and a few master pages, the just of master pages to select now also shows the folders a page is in, making it much easier to pick the right master page.
  • The macOS app is now notarized, and you now no longer get the scary "this app is from an unidentified developer" messages from macOS when starting RocketCake for the first time.
  • The RocketCake installer now installs shortcuts for all users on the system by default since a lot of people requested this.

RocketCake 4.1 released!

This is a service update with some minor bug fixes. You can
download it here.

RocketCake 4.0 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes a lot of new features. You can
download it here.
Note that if you are using the professional edition, you need to
upgrade your license, but there is a discount for existing users.
New in this release:

  • Bulleted lists support
    Also known as ordered and unordered lists, RocketCake now natively supports creating these directly in the editor. It generates <ul> and <ol> HTML tags from them, and supports unlimited sublevels of lists.
    Although easily edited directly in the text in the editor, generated HTML <ul> and <ol> lists get their own unique ids and style classes which then can be easily customized via CSS manually if wanted.
  • Emoji support
    Emojis and other characters are now encoded correctly even when the option "no html encoding" isn't selected. This means you can now easier use Emojis, Rockets and other unicode characters on your website.
    Note: On some Windows systems, these are still drawn in black/white in the editor, but are correctly shown in the browser preview.
  • Round navigation menu panels
    It's now possible to create round navigation menu panels. For that, simply set "edges" of your navigation menu to "round", and check the new option "RoundEdgesAlsoForPanes". Then your navigation menus are also round. If you don't want the top menu bar to have round edges as well, simply make its background transparent and place it into a container of which you then apply the background you want to have for your top menu.

  • PDF document
    you can now embed PDF files directly in your website using the new PDF element. Simply create the element where you want your file to appear, select a PDF from your local disk, and RocketCake will handle the rest, including uploading the .pdf file to your server once you publish your page.

  • New Templates
    There are 3 new built-in templates for your websites, and the existing ones have been improved a bit.

  • Better looking Slideshows
    Slideshows now can use a fixed aspect ratio, and new slide shows you create automatically do this. This means they automatically adjust their height based on the screen size and images inside them. Previously, in order to have a slideshow look nicely in all screen sizes, this would have to be done using breakpoints, while now, slideshows automatically adjust their size.
    In order to have slide shows from projects created in older RocketCake versions to this, simply check the option "FixedAspectRatio".

  • Added new supported device types
    • Apple iPhone 12
    • Google Pixel 5
    • Samsgung S20
    • Samsgung S21
  • Improved generated HTML
    The generated HTML and CSS code has been improved at several places to be both nicer readable and more compact at the same time. And the backwards compatibility with older browsers is still kept.

  • Portable version
    RocketCake is now available as portable package - a zip file which you can simply
    download and use everywhere without installation.
    For this, go to the download page of RocketCane and download the latest RocketCake-$version$ file.

  • MSI installer
    There is now an MSI installer available on the
    download page. In case you want to deploy RocketCake on lots of Windows PCs, you can use this. It also supports silent install.

  • macOS UI improvements
    Options dialog is now also accessible via the top level main menu, and quitting the app via Apple+Q now also
    asks for saving the file when there are still unsaved changes in your project.

  • Lots of other improvements
    • HTML Video elements no longer have 'autoplay' set by default
    • The documentation (for example about the navigation menu) has been improved and extended with images, examples and more.
    • Automatically reduced large images now are reduced to a bit larger size so they look better on larger screens.
    • Updated support for more types of FTP servers
    • Toolset palette is now looking a bit more modern
    • Improved uploading method: files uploaded when skipped not to be re-uploaded again next time sometimes.
    • Improved english translation of the editor at some places
    • Images with alpha channel are now also drawn correctly with alpha channel in editor view
  • Improved chinese translation
  • lots of other smaller improvements everywhere

RocketCake 3.5 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer adds some useful improvements here and there, and some bugfixes:
  • Added support for the 'required' attribute in text fields. When checked, the browser won't submit a form when the text is empty and ask the user to fill it out.

  • Changed the default size where the navigation menu switches to the mobile version to 550 pixels
  • Added dutch translation (thanks to Arnold for this!)
  • Improved italian translation (thanks to tfr for this!)
  • Fixed a problem causing the default font to be wrong sometimes for autogenerated mobile navigation menus.
  • Lots of smaller improvements everywhere

You can download it here.

RocketCake 3.4 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer adds some useful improvements here and there, and some bugfixes:
  • Styled buttons now also support images and other elements on them. Note: this only works for newly created styled buttons. If you have old buttons from a previous RocketCake version in your project you need to replace them for this feature.

  • Rescaled images on your website in the editor now look exactly as in most browsers. Previously, they could look a bit more blurry under special circumstances.
  • Content in H1, H2, H3, etc tags now is generated very SEO friendly by aggressively stripping redundant styles and nested tags automatically inside. However you style your headings, you will now in most cases end up with code looking like this: <h1 id="heading1id">Heading Text</h1>
  • Fixed a problem causing images not to be reloaded instantly sometimes when the menu command for this was selected.
  • Fixed a problem which caused the MacOS version of RocketCake not to load files properly sometimes when special unicode symbols where used in the HTML code.
  • Fixed a problem on macOS causing elements not to be pasteable sometimes on certain elements

You can download it here.

RocketCake 3.3 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes small new features, updates and bugfixes:
  • FTPS support
    In addition to SFTP and FTP support, RocketCake now also supports the FTPS protocol. Uploading your project to any host should now be very easy that way.
  • Added built-in support for email and date input fields
  • Default language selection on macOS now works better on newer operating system versions
  • Improved error messages shown to user when connection to an FTP server fails.
  • Folders now store if they have been open or closed in the project. So if you open your project later again, the folders will restore its previous state.
  • Fixed a bug in the gallery image switching code, which sometimes causing to show wrong images when scrolling forward.

You can download it here.

RocketCake 3.2 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes new features, updates and bugfixes:
  • New gallery

    The image gallery component has been mostly rewritten and now includes a ton of new features like:
    • Aspect ratio independent preview thumb images causing all images to look uniform in size even if they aren't
    • Close button icon for opened images (in layers)
    • Non-scrollable background when a layer is open
    • The aspect ratio option is of course configurable, also so that the gallery looks exactly like in previous rocketcake versions

  • Improved navigation menu

    The menu now automatically positions itself so it won't go outside the screen area, no matter how large the menu on your website is. For example when you have a large menu and align it to the right of the page, the dropdown menu now will align itself automatically a bit to the left so that it is fully visible and won't overlap the right screen border anymore.

  • Hyperlink Previews

    When hovering a hyperlink, the target URL of the hyperlink is now displayed as tooltip.

  • Possibility to change HTML IDs

    It is now possible to change the HTML Id of every generated code element. This is a feature wanted by a lot of professional users.
    To do this, right-click any element, select "HTML Code...", click the "..." button and select "Change HTML ID...". You will see the change in the code immediately.

  • Updated mobile devices

    New devices supported: iPhone 10, Samsung S10, and more. You can select these from the 'View' menu and on the bottom of the editor page.

  • New Templates

    The editor now contains some new, lots of improved and more modern free website templates

  • macOS Mojave and Catalina compatibility

    RocketCake now runs nicely on Mojave and Catalina. There have been some incompatibilities and bugs introduced by Apple in those macOS versions which RocketCake now detects and works around them. It also supports some new features in those operating systems. In Detail:
    • Added support for DarkMode
    • On some systems, comboboxes like the font selection box wouldn't open somtimes. This is fixed now.
    • When clicking 'Preview', the Safari browser wasn't able to show the preview files sometimes. This works now.
    • The HTML Code and color on the font color buttons weren't visible sometimes. This is no longer an issue.
    • Mojave and Catalina had troubles uploading files to sftp sites, this is is fixed now.
    • Fixed a problem causing the font height to be displayed wrongly under certain circumstances
    • Fixed a problem causing the background to be shown black sometimes in new button dialog
    • The view with slider on the bottom of the HTML editor view is now a slider instead of a scrollbar

  • Lots of other improvements

    • The hint that the mobile menu is auto-generated is now a bit more clearly visible.
    • You can now press CTRL+B when text is selected and toggle between bold and non-bold font.
    • Numeric text input fields now have no max and min values by default anymore. Also, if the max value is set to the same value as the min value, no max and min values are used, so you can enter arbitrarily long values.
    • The MacOS version now looks nicer on retina displays
    • Lots of translations have been improved. The spanish, italian, frensh and russian translations are now much better.
    • Fixed a problem where sometimes in the generated HTML, whitespace would appear in some browsers between style changes due to pretty printing.
    • Fixed a problem causing Gallery 'next' image button not to work sometimes in Edge browser
    • Fixed a bug causing the web form text field not to retain its mode when set to numeric mode after loading.

You can download it here.

RocketCake 3.1 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes a handful improvements and new features:
  • Faster editor when using large images

    If you are using large images on a webpage, the editor is now much faster and editing your website feels more smooth now.

  • Search engine improvements

    There have been various improvements made in RocketCake, causing your website to rank better automatically in Google and other web search engines. If you have an existing page made with RocketCake, all you need to do is to re-upload your existing website with RocketCake 3.1, and everything should be done automatically for you.

  • Better looking gallery

    The image gallery element preview/thumb images are now created a bit bigger to make them look nicer.

  • Editor behavior change: When you have a line ending with a hyperlink and press ENTER on that line, the hyperlink is no longer continued on the next line. This way, it is easier to create lists of text lines with hyperlinks.
  • Text Edit Fields where the background is set to "invisible" now actually have an invisible background and not the default of the browser (like 'white' in Chrome)
  • The 64 bit version of RocketCake now also shows the latest Windows 10 common controls instead of reverting to the old windows style
  • RocketCake and RocketCake documents now have a new icon
  • Fixed a problem causing the menu not to open sometimes when using very large menus and russian text inside of them
  • Fixed a bug causing RocketCake to crash sometimes when clicked right into the element browser of an empty project
  • Fixed a bug causing the built-in FTP client not to upload anything when using the "Publish to the Internet" feature and no document was open.
You can download it here.

RocketCake 3.0 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes a lot of new features. You can download it here.

Note that if you are using the professional edition, you need to upgrade your license, but there is a discount for existing users.

New in this release:
  • Box Shadows

    The editor now supports box shadows, for all elements. Select an element like a button, a container, menu, image or similar, right-click and select "Box Shadow...". It works similar to the existing text shadow UI.

  • Automatic Mobile Navigation Menu

    The navigation menu now by default uses the "hamburger menu icon" in mobile mode and generates the mobile menu entry lists automatically from the big, desktop menu version.
    You can still switch to a manually created mobile menu by selecting "manually created" in the property window.

  • 64-bit Support

    If you are creating large website with many images, there is now a 64 bit version of RocketCake available on the download page, which lets you do that. It basically allows to use much more memory, and works with much bigger projects. The macOS version includes 32 and 64 bit builds in the same download.
  • Inline PHP code

    You can now write PHP tags anywhere on any website, and the content of then is treated as PHP code, if you are creating PHP pages. Like

    <?PHP echo ('hello world'); ?>

    With this, you can for example directly print PHP variables on a button, inside a styled text, a heading, or similar.
    This works only in the Professional edition of RocketCake.

  • MacOS backwards compatibility

    RocketCake works now again even with older MacOS versions, for example High Sierra 10.13 (2017) back up to Mavericks 10.9 (from 2013)
  • New templates

    There are now a lot of new default templates in the editor to choose from, and the old, existing ones have been partially modernized.

  • New built-in button styles

    Added a lot of new default button styles to select from.

  • Updated mobile devices

    New devices supported: iPhone X, XS Max, Google Pixel, Sony XPeria, and more. You can select these now also from the 'View' menu, additionaly.

  • Faster layout engine

    The layout engine has been improved a bit and its performance is now about 20% - 40% better in several circumstances.
  • New Element Browser

    The element browser has been completely rewritten and is now much faster and easier to use. Some users also reported, that previously, the element browser caused RocketCake to crash occasionally on their system, this is now also fixed.

  • Lots of other smaller improvements, such as

    • There is now a new command for making all rows of a table the same height of the currently selected one
    • Scrolling with the mouse wheel in the editor is now much faster
    • Better automatic font pre-selection for menu entry creation
    • Separator editing and preview in menus is now much nicer. Add an entry with the text "-", and you get a separator, which is also shown in the preview as on the website.
    • There are now commands for easily moving menu items up or down. Just right-click onto a sub menu entry, and use the "move up" or "move down" commands to move them
    • More modern looking editor user interface
    • When background images are used in the 'cover' mode of large pages, rendering in the editor now also looks exactly like done in the major browsers
    • The toolset palette has been reorganized quite a bit, and now includes all tools on one page.
    • The generated login/password page is now a bit nicer (but still can be customized, of course)
    • CSS Shadows for sub menus can now be adjusted using the new BoxShadow feature. Just select the sub menu of a navigation menu, right-click and select "Box shadow".

RocketCake 2.2 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer fixes mostly a few problems with macOS Mojave:
  • macOS: For some users, combo boxes like the font or device selection didn't work on Mojave. This is fixed now.
  • macOS: RocketCake is now a 64bit only application.
  • Updated Japanese translation
You can download it here.

RocketCake 2.1 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
  • SFTP support

    Added support for SFTP file uploading. When using the built-in website uploading mechanism, SFTP is now also supported in addition to FTP. (Note that this won't work on the Mac App Store version of RocketCake)

  • More fonts

    The editor now can load and display a lot more system fonts
  • Better Peformance

    The repainting after a view port adjustment now is much faster

  • Lots of smaller improvements everywhere

    • Modernized UI quite a bit at different places
    • Improved progress dialog for Windows 10 when previewing and uploading to the web
    • Improved some of the translations
    • When uploading files, the uploading progress dialog no longer blocks error message or password entry dialogs, which it did previously on some systems
    • Fixed a wrongly positioned slider on macOS Sierra, High Sierra and newer
    • Fixed a minor layout problem in the editor where the text below image galleries could sometimes not shown at the correct position
    • Fixed a bug causing headings when used together with master pages not to have the correct paddings sometimes
    • Fixed a problem which caused menus in mobile mode not to open on some devices, when there was more than one navigation menu used on a page at the same time
    • Fixed the special text insert symbol menu to now display fine also on High Sierra and newer

RocketCake 2.0 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes a lot of new features. You can download it here.
Note that if you are using the professional edition, you need to upgrade your license, but there is a discount for existing users.
New in this release:
  • Multi level sub menus

    The navigation menu now supports multiple levels of sub menus: You can now create another level of menus below any sub menu, making it possible to create more complex websites easily.

  • More devices supported

    Added support for iPhone 8, iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, LG G4, LG G5
  • Improved image gallery

    Image galleries now support navigation buttons, which, when enabled make it possible to go through all images of the gallery using mouse clicks or keyboard buttons. They are optional and turned on by default.

  • Improved slide shows

    You can now specify hyperlinks for each image, which open when the user clicks on the active image in the slideshow.
  • Lots of new and updated templates

    There are now 15 free templates to choose from and base your designs on, if you like.

  • Better table support

    HTML tables in the editor are now easier to use and design. Also the layout is now more exact and looks like the result you get in the final browser, which wasn't always the case in earlier versions. It is now also possible to copy and paste table cells from one table into another one.

  • Better Navigation Menu

    The navigation menu now has a new property named 'SubMenuSpacing', which makes the space between sub menu entries a bit bigger, and easier to work with on with mobile devices. If you are importing a website created with RocketCake 1, your menu entries will become a bit bigger because of this. If you don't like that, set the 'SubMenuSpacing' back to 0.
    Also, the mobile menu now has a sub menu telling the user that it needs to be filled manually.
  • Enhanced Password Protection

    If you enable the integrated password protection system for your website, the new generated login pages now also include a precreated way to display a "wrong password!" message, which you can also customize, if you like.

  • Placehoder support

    Text edit fields (=inputs) now support placeholders, this is the gray text which appears when no text was entered.

  • Selectable HTML Version

    RocketCake now supports HTML 5 and HTML 4, which you can select in the options dialog. If you have a website created with RocketCake 1 and import it into RocketCake 2, and some spaces, margins or font sizes don't look as before, you can switch to the other HTML version easily, which usually helps then.

  • Improved compatibiltiy with more browsers

    Websites generated are now more compatible, faster and use less memory on some newer browsers such as the latest Chrome or Firefox Quantum.
  • M4A support

    HTML 5 audio elements now support MPEG-4 Audio M4A files.
  • HTTPS for Youtube and others

    Elements such as embedded youtube video elements now support the HTTPS protocol
  • Numeric input

    Numeric text inputs are now supported. Just set the 'type' of a text edit field to 'numeric'.
  • More Shortcuts

    New supported key shortcuts, for example "Shift Delete", "Shift Insert" and "Control Insert" as alternative to existing Cut, Copy and Paste shortcuts
  • Lots of other, smaller improvements

    • Some web servers cannot handle css files named like "example.html.css" correctly, so RocketCake now generates a name like "example_html.css" instead for those.
    • The HTML/PHP/JavaScript/CSS code editors now reopen with the the user specified sizes if changed
    • Generated file names can now include hyphens, which makes sense for SEO and similar
    • Startup window size is now bigger on large screens
    • Updated and improved several website templates
    • Improved polish translation
    • Radio button checked state is now correctly displayed in the editor
    • Generated image gallery code is more nicely readable now

RocketCake 1.5 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
  • Simple image reloading

    There is now a new command for reloading all the used images from disk. Use the menu File -> Reload all images for this.

  • Built-in Password protection

    You can now easily password protect your webpages by adding the "password protection" element onto your page. You can add an unlimited amount of users and passwords for those. There is also a new tutorial showing how to use this new feature.

  • Improved HTML Code Generation

    Generated HTML Code now looks much nicer structured at several places.

  • New free Templates

    Added a lot of new free website templates: For restaurants, hotels, consultants, and more.

  • Better slide show

    The slide show element now is a lot more flexible and easier to use. It has a new default image adjusting mode: 'Cover'. It adjusts the scale of the shown image always according to width or height automatically, so that no gap is shown. That way, you don't need any breakpoints for your slideshow to make them look good on very small screens, they will always look nicely.
    In order to make it adjust to the aspect ratio of the image, you can also use the 'auto' property for its height.

  • Lots of other, smaller improvements

    • It is now possible to quickly move the cursor in the text between words by holding down control while pressing the cursor keys
    • It is now possible to copy and paste website pages using the clipboard
    • Most templates now also have sub pages and are easier to customize.
    • The editor now only asks for confirmation when you close it when there are unsaved changes.
    • The heading number can now be adjusted in the property window for heading elements
    • Fixed a bug causing heading numbers not to be set correctly when copying and pasting

  • RocketCake 1.4 released!

    This is an update including new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
    • New free website templates

      There are again two new templates available: One for a business/lawyer website, the second one for a holiday/nature style website.
    • Faster website upload

      When publishing your website to the internet, RocketCake now only uploads changed files, if wanted. So making small changes to your website is now much, much faster.
    • Built-in automatic image resizing

      If you add an image which is unnecessary huge for a website, RocketCake now offers you to resize that image automatically, making your website smaller and load much faster.
    • New 'static' gallery mode

      The gallery has now an additional new open mode: 'none'. Which when selected, causes that the gallery pictures are not clickable and cannot be made bigger.
    • Improved image quality

      The preview image quality of the built-in image gallery is now much higher
    • Smart quote filter

      MacOS smart pasted text and smart quotes are now automatically detected and replaced when used inside PHP, JavaScript, HTML or CSS code.
    • Compatibility with more PHP web servers

      External PHP css files now have the extension filename_php.css instead of filename.php.css before, because some servers would try to run the .css file as PHP file.
    • Unsaved changes indicator

      The editor now has an indicator showing if there are unsaved changes in the document
    • Generator Meta Tag removal

      If you want, you can now remove the 'generator=rocketcake' meta tag for every page: In the 'additional code in the header' section of the code of the website, write the keyword disableRocketCakeGeneratorTag This keyword will be filtered out, and cause the generator tag to disappear for that page.
    • Mobile menu now shown earlier

      The mobile navigation menu is now shown by default a bit earlier (on screens smaller than 380). This can can be adjusted of course in the settings of the menu.
    • Several minor changes

      - several performance improvements
      - sub menu texts of right or center aligned navigation menus now also are correctly left aligned
      - fixed an invalid preview of the navigation menu when text is longer than screen
      - Fixed a layout glitch causing text floating around images with a margin not to be positioned
      correctly somtimes, if 'right align', 'justify' or 'center' was selected.
    • Translation updates

      Updated several translations including Farsi, Italian, German and Frensh

    RocketCake 1.3 released!

    This is an update including new features and a few minor bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
    • Text Shadows

      Added support for Text Shadows. Just right-click any text and select the 'Text-Shadow' option, or use the button in the text style bar. Of course, every aspect from color, alpha, blur and offset can be adjusted easily.
    • Better button creation dialog

      There is now a nicer button creation dialog with lots of new precreated button styles to choose from.
    • Improved Rendering engine

      Adding huge images into your website was slowing down the editor quite a lot, sometimes. This is now not anymore the case, the editor now runs very fast, even for very big images with alpha channels.
    • Updated templates

      Updated a few older templates to look more modern and use the new features in this update.
    • More mobile devices supported

      Added preview settings for iPhone 6(s) Plus, iPhone 7, iPad pro, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note 3, Note 4. Of course RocketCake generated websites still work nicely on every other device.
    • Better font and fallback font support

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