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irrKlang Pro

irrKlang is available in two editions: irrKlang and irrKlang Pro. irrKlang may not be used in commercial products while irrKlang pro may. There are also some few differences in the features (see below) of both versions.

License and Price

irrKlang doesn't cost anything and is free for non-commercial use. irrKlang Pro may be used in commercial products and is available with three licenses:

License Type                      Summary
non commercial
You can use irrKlang freely for non-commercial products. Just download and go!

  it's free
irrKlang Pro hobbyist
License for hobbyist developers (individuals, not companies) to use irrKlang in an unlimited amount of products which are sold for a low price (less than 20€). Includes all irrKlang Pro features, on all supported platforms (details)

irrKlang Pro indie
License for independent developers to use irrKlang in an unlimited amount of commercial products which are sold for a price less than 27€. Includes all irrKlang Pro features, on all supported platforms (details)

irrKlang Pro full
(single product)
License for irrKlang to be used in one commercial product. Includes all irrKlang Pro features, on all supported platforms, updates, access to preliminary patches, priorized support via mail (details)

irrKlang Pro unlimited
Same as irrKlang Pro full, but for an unlimited amount of commercial products. (details)


It is also possible to get special discounts for unusual or low selling products using irrKlang.
Please use the contact form for questions about the license, but you can also contact us via mail for further questions.
Webshop and product infos

* Price excluding VAT: Depending on your location or company status, VAT may be added the price.

Feature Comparison

The following table compares the features of irrKlang and irrKlang Pro. For a detailed description of these features, please take a look at the features page.

Feature description irrKlang irrKlang Pro
general features
Price 0€, it's free 65€ - 490€
Allowed for commercial use - yes
2D sound yes yes
3D sound yes yes
sound streaming yes yes
sound buffering yes yes
single and multi threading yes yes
static linkable C++ library (no .dll file needed anymore)[3] - yes
strong name, signed .NET assembly yes yes
plugin system yes yes
accurate play position seeking yes yes
audio recording[1] yes yes
special sound features
various rolloff models (linear, logarithmic) yes yes
sound effects (echo, reverb, flanger, ...)[1] yes yes
doppler effects[1] yes yes
changeable playback speed / frequency yes yes
sound event callbacks (function call once a sound has finished playing) yes yes
supported file formats
RIFF WAVE (*.wav) yes yes
Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg) yes yes
MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (*.mp3)[2] yes yes
Free Lossless Audio Codec (*.flac) yes yes
Amiga Modules (*.mod) yes yes
Impulse Tracker (*.it) yes yes
Scream Tracker 3 (*.s3d) yes yes
Fast Tracker 2 (*.xm) yes yes
supported platforms
Windows 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 yes yes
Linux yes yes
Mac OS X (Intel, x86) yes yes
Mac OS X (Power PC, ppc)[4] yes yes
.NET (Windows) yes yes

[1]: This feature is currently only available when using the DirectSound driver (will be selected automaticly) on Windows platforms.
[2]: MP3 playback is done via a plugin which comes along with irrKlang (and its full source code) so that it is easily possible to remove mp3 support if wished. If you are using mp3 playback in your application, you might need to purchase an mp3 license from Thompson Multimedia as most software using mp3s has to, although there are special prices and conditions for games.

[3]: Currently there is a static library version of irrKlang for Windows only. The 64 bit version of the static lib requires Visual Studio 2013 or newer.
[4]: Currently module file playback (.mod, .xm, .s3m, .it) is not supported on Power PCs. All other features and file formats are supported.