ik_vec3d.h File Reference

#include <math.h>
#include "ik_irrKlangTypes.h"

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class  irrklang::vec3d< T >
 a 3d vector template class for representing vectors and points in 3d More...


namespace  irrklang

Everything in the irrKlang Sound Engine can be found in this namespace.


typedef vec3d< ik_f32 > irrklang::vec3df
 Typedef for a ik_f32 3d vector, a vector using floats for X, Y and Z.
typedef vec3d< ik_s32 > irrklang::vec3di
 Typedef for an integer 3d vector, a vector using ints for X, Y and Z.


template<class S , class T >
vec3d< T > irrklang::operator* (const S scalar, const vec3d< T > &vector)
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