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irrklang::IAudioRecorderInterface to an audio recorder. Create it using the createIrrKlangAudioRecorder() function
irrklang::IAudioStreamReads and decodes audio data into an usable audio stream for the ISoundEngine
irrklang::IAudioStreamLoaderClass which is able to create an audio file stream from a file
irrklang::ICapturedAudioDataReceiverInterface to be implemented by the user if access to the recorded audio data is needed
irrklang::IFileFactoryInterface to overwrite file access in irrKlang
irrklang::IFileReaderInterface providing read acess to a file
irrklang::IRefCountedBase class of most objects of the irrKlang
irrklang::ISoundRepresents a sound which is currently played
irrklang::ISoundDeviceListA list of sound devices for a sound driver. Use irrklang::createSoundDeviceList() to create this list
irrklang::ISoundEffectControlInterface to control the active sound effects (echo, reverb,...) of an ISound object, a playing sound
irrklang::ISoundEngineInterface to the sound engine, for playing 3d and 2d sound and music
irrklang::ISoundMixedOutputReceiverInterface to be implemented by the user, which recieves the mixed output when it it played by the sound engine
irrklang::ISoundSourceA sound source describes an input file (.ogg, .mp3, .wav or similar) and its default settings
irrklang::ISoundStopEventReceiverInterface to be implemented by the user, which recieves sound stop events
irrklang::IVirtualRefCountedReference counting base class for objects in the Irrlicht Engine similar to IRefCounted
irrklang::SAudioStreamFormatStructure describing an audio stream format with helper functions
irrklang::SInternalAudioInterfaceStructure for returning pointers to the internal audio interface
irrklang::vec3d< T >3d vector template class for representing vectors and points in 3d
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irrKlang Audio Library
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