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Buying irrFuscator

irrFuscator works for free for 7 days. After this, you need to buy an irrFuscator license if you want to continue using irrfuscator. If you haven't tried out irrFuscator yet, we encourage you simply to download and try it before buying. Also, see the edition comparison below.


Standard Edition

€ 99*

Professional Edition

€ 189*

*= Dollars and other currencies are displayed on the 'Buy Now' page

Edition Comparison
irrFuscator is available in two editions: Standard and Professional.
irrFuscator Standard
irrFuscator Professional
Source Obfuscation (*.as;*.mxml)
Binary Obfuscation (*.swf)
Command Line Interface
String Encryption
SWC file support
Comment Directives (see manual)  
Compact Symbols (for file size reduction)  

What do I get?
By purchasing, you will get:
  • One per-seat license key to use irrfuscator with an unlimited amount of projects and for an unlimited amount of time
  • Free updates to all minor future versions
  • Preliminary access to patches if available
  • Priorized support via mail

For details, please take a look into the license.txt file included in your irrFuscator package.

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