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Getting the irrEdit source code

You can purchase a source license or irrEdit, if you for example want to build your own editor based on irrEdit.

Price: 1900 €

(Price excluding VAT: If you are a private person buying from within the European Union, Austrian VAT at 20% will be added to the price.)

For all enquiries, please use the
contact form or just send a mail to: .

What you get

You get the source code for irrEdit 1.5.
Download irrEdit 1.5 here.

irrEdit was written in C++, is using wxWidgets as user interface library and compiles at least using VisualStudio.NET 2003 (should work with newer compilers as well, or it should easily be possible to make it work). The code is nicely structured and documentated with code comments, as known from the Irrlicht Engine source code. This is an example from the irrEdit source:

You will not only get access to the editor's code but in addition, to the source code of the following included items:

● The global illumination lightmap generator source

● The physics wrapper source (there is a not yet exposed physics engine based on ODE included in irrEdit, which is also used by the lightmapper if available)

● The scripting engine wrapper source, an squirrel VM integrated into irrlicht

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