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free 3D meshes

Registered User
2022-06-12 22:49:58

Another resource for 3D models (and 2Dtextures) - requires free registration...


and some free low-poly models for houses, characters, roads etc...

An game dev with free, high-quality, low-poly model assets for icons, textures and models of cities, trees, cars, vegetation, weapons etc. and some sounds.

Another dev with loads of free low poly models>>>

2022-12-09 13:25:08

Thousands of free animations for biped (2-legged) characters.

The listing says these are raw motion capture and not (locked "in-place" animations), so they will need cleaning up in blender (or other)....

2022-12-30 12:20:01

with regards to copyright and adversising models and assets that we do not own, it maybe wise to ad a disclaimer statement like they use on youtube:
I do not own, nor do I or intend to profit from this content whatsoever. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

All right reserved to:

NBC Universal
Directed by Dave Flitton, Andy Aitken, James Wignall
Produced by Dave Flitton (series prod.), David McWhinnie, Ken Maliphant, David Rozalla
Written by Dave Flitton, Andy Aitken, James Wignall
Narrated by Jonathan Booth
Music by David Galbraith
Distributed by Public Broadcasting Service
Release date(s) 2000
Running time 6 116-minute episodes
Country USA
Language English

This one is quite extensive, but maybe needed to prevent current and future situations where people are accused of copyright infringement. Which to my opinion becomes very real as the track and trace-ing online intensifies and some entities may see a business model in chasing these cases.
Particular if you live in a modern day neoliberal colony.

2022-12-30 14:43:40

No, that's not required. Under copyright law, hotlinking is not an issue - you do not legally need to declare anything when you post a link. The Ambiera forum policy may not allow hotlinking to other hosts but it's not a law. Aggregation sites (whim deliberately collect links) are not responsible because they are not hosting any content. Youtube is under a different law because youtube is the host and when you upload to youtube, you must legally declare that you are the content creator and/or the intellectual rights owner.

Where coppercube is concerned, you are allowed to use any content for personal use.You are also allowed to distribute or sell copyrighted material if you have express permission from the content provider but you can make a game with models from anywhere you like. All my games have copyrighted material - models, graphics, sounds, fonts,music etc - but it will never be an issue because they are only ever for personal use - not commercial use.Also - copyright is specific to each Country - it is not globally applicably - for example, ifI spend £thousands copyrighting one of my models in the UK, that copyright would not be applicable in the USA or Russia (for example). In the case where an item is copyrighted globally (which is rare and expensive) the ownus lies with the copyright holder to prove they own the item - in most modern countries - you are innocent until proven guilty - so you can use (and even sell) the models until you get prosecuted (at which point your activity may become illegal) - and you either get a copyright strike or pay a fine to the property owner.

To make it cleared - you would assume that if I used a Sonic character in a game, it should be banned here - but how would you know if I had express permission to use the model - how would you know I am not in fact the creator of the soinic character - it would need to be proven in a recognised court of law.

Like I say, Ambiera "policy" may differ- that's why Niko and JIC are free to delete any content they want - for any reason.

2022-12-30 14:48:59

Furthermore, here is the disclaimer from the itchio link I posted when you click it....if the forum allowed html, it would have embedded the disclaimer as a header with the badge.....

I did not create the animations/assets used in this. The data used in this project was obtained from The database was created with funding from NSF EIA-0196217. I converted it to .fbx *and .glTF from .bvh files I got from with the use of Blender. I also re-targeted it to an example CC0 model with the use of a Blender add-on, Auto-Rig Pro. The model was made by Quaternius. The animations are free to use/modify/redistribute, so long as you don't just sell them as animations.

I have no affiliation with any of these mentioned parties and just because I'm allowed to use these assets and distribute them, doesn't mean any of them necessarily endorse this use. Having read the terms of use though, I feel like this is something they were intended for.

2022-12-30 19:05:47


google: eu online copyright law link cases
Court of Justice of the European Union
Luxembourg, 22 June 2021
Judgment in Joined Cases C-682/18
YouTube, C-683/18 Cyando
Press and Information
As EU law currently stands, operators of online platforms do not, in principle,
themselves make a communication to the public of copyright-protected content
illegally posted online by users of those platforms
However, those operators do make such a communication in breach of copyright where they
contribute, beyond merely making those platforms available, to giving access to such content to
the public.

So if i admire your game and write a blogpost about it and provide a link to your site without your permission you can sue me ...

This is a very difficult topic, also because the legal meaning of the english may actually mean something different as to what the lay person thinks is written. Copyright law is also different the world over, and changing due to strong usa influence, think hollywood, walt disney, google etc.

i do own a game on cd from the late 1990s, it contains source material, such as textured and animated models,
can i upload that to with a disclaimer, so i don't infringe on others copyright? hmm scary. I think it is usefull to the coppercube community in that it is very lowpoly and optimized, there are human and insect figurines and animated gore in them. great for testing mobile game performance.

you can download old versions from CS:Go (counterstrike) these downloads also contain highly optimized lowpoly models otherwise difficult to obtain. Great for testing a mobile game to see what your testing device can handle.
I had a tablet, now broken due to old age, that could run 5 walking clerks but nothing more on a flat mesh.
That is important to know before you build your game with complex scenery and lots of code.

2022-12-30 19:17:49

remember these copyright troubles ?:
Aaron Swartz
megaupload - kim dotcom

2022-12-30 20:01:22

Thanks, I see. I guess I don't really understand your point -

- are you asking me to add a declaration stating "I do not own the intellectual rights for these models"

- or are you asking me not to post any content which I haven't created myself?

- or are you simply saying: "be careful not to cause any copyright problems for the group?

I think it's probably best if I just don't post any links here. Anyway, sorry for any offense or problems these models have caused anyone. I'll not do it any more.

2023-01-01 14:58:32

I had a look and most of the links actually say whether you can use them commercially or not. If you're ever in doubt though, assume you can't use them commercially (ie: you can;t sell them).

Just check out the "fair use" policy in your Country to see the limitations on using "common assets" (ie: graphics, models, sounds, music etc) which have been taken from Abandonware or AAA title games. In most Countries now (since 1976) it's legal to use them (for non-commercial projects) with a few specific limitations.

2023-01-05 15:46:15

@VP and others.

I am simply saying: "be careful not to cause any copyright problems for yourself (anyone here on the forum) and that lovely coppercube community !!!

I do not know much about legal stuff, except its a very expensive and troubling problem to have.

Some places are very lax while others are very strict, for example;
In the late 1990's in SE Asia you had whole shopping centers full of dvd's with copied films and software, occasionally the authorities would close a shop and bulldozer the cd's.
While in some German speaking countries you ISP may refer you to the authorities for some innocent download, and copyright owners actually went after the ISP's for compensation or client data.
More recently, around the 2010s, people got convicted for nothing more than sharing a link to piratebay stuff i believe.

If you find something and want to use it, you can always say:
A - I wanted it but could not find a seller (the owner missed out on one sale)
B - I took it only for "private use" and "game testing purposes" as allowed in a "fair use scheme"
C - it would be best if you could prove point A and B.

When you distribute assets (also inside a game exe), then the burden of proof becomes more important because the owner missed out on god knows how many sales, thats what he can/will claim anyway.
Adding a disclaimer to a game or download is not a bad idea, as it proves your intention not to cause trouble and harm to some long toe'ed gatekeeper.

"this game was made by me: var1 date: var2, it contains stuff from: var3 and here and there, it is in alpha status version 0.0.109b and i released it to my friends on the forum for testing purposes". Then i could also attach a questionair for say, performance on game platform windows: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 highest and lowest registered fps, request for screenshots from 1k, 2k, 2.5k and 4k monitors etc.

It may be wise to see how other game engine communities deal with this problem.
Maybe other forum members have more knowledge and experience, then please add it here.

kind greetings for now,
best wishes for 2023 and
respect and credits to all who contribute to Coppercube

Douwe Dabbe

2023-01-05 16:31:33

I understand your point about people being worried about intellectual property rights and the possible impact for other forum users.

Ultimately, we all want to keep the forum tidy and respectful so I promise to be more careful with my posts in the future and I do genuinely always appreciate any feedback.

Best wishes - peace to you.

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